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10 Social Entrepreneurs You Need To Know In 2020

Published on November 20, 2014 12:00 AM EST

10 Social Entrepreneurs You Need To Know10 social entrepreneurs that are change the world

So what exactly is a social entrepreneur?

It’s defined as “Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices. A social entrepreneur, similar to a business entrepreneur, builds strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as not-for-profits or companies.” [Source]

Social entrepreneurs are literally changing the world.

Let’s find out who some of them are!

Here are 10 social entrepreneurs you need to know:

1. Mohamad Zaazoure

As a physician Mohamad dealt with sick people all the time. He realized that many of the illnesses could be prevented with proper education so he created a huge foundation to help educate parents and children about disease prevention.

2. Yannick Sonnenburg

Yannick decided to make donating to charity almost effortless through entrepreneurship. His service allows customers of hundreds of online retailers to round up the money they spend and donate that money to charities automatically.

3. Kavita Shuckla

Kavita created a revolutionary design for a new kind of paper that keeps produce fresh longer. This makes purchasing food much more convenient. As a result, it is being used at many food stores – small and large – across the world.

4. Ajaita Shaw

Ajaita has turned 125 incredibly poor people into successful entrepreneurs. She encourages these people to sell clean solar energy to rural households.

5. David Schwartz

Most colleges purchase food that is raised unhumanly and is full of unhealthy additives. David’s business encourages students to band together and convince schools to purchase real food. This helps the thousands of students at universities to eat healthier.

David is a social entrepreneur that has helped thousands of people.

6. Krishna Ramkumar

Low-income children are often limited in regards to education. Krishna recognized this problem so he created a foundation to educate 750 low-income children that showed signs of high intelligence.

7. Kennedy Odede

Kennedy opened up a free school for girls in Nairobi. In addition to the school itself, he built a library and a place to receive free clean water .

8. Seth Maxwell

Seth knew that clean drinking water is a terrible issue that has resulted in thousands of deaths in third-world countries. He also knew that many college and high school students are motivated to give back to the community.

That’s why he created Thirst project, a nonprofit that uses the power of young people and donations to provide hundreds of new wells in third-world countries. In addition, the wells are checked on regularly to ensure that they continue to function.

He is a young entrepreneur that is making a real difference.

9. Talia Leman

At the astounding age of 10 Talia created RandomKid, a place where young people can donate and figure out ways to improve the world. She has since written a book that teaches people how they can become the best version of themselves and change the world.

She is currently 18. Another incredible young entrepreneur.

10. Lauren Bush

Lauren created the Feed product line. A portion of each purchase is used to purchase food for a starving child in a third-world country.

How to be a social entrepreneur: Andy Stoll at TEDxUIowa

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