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10 TED Talks That Will Improve Your Thinking and Life

Published on November 27, 2016 12:00 AM EST
ted talks

Are you looking for some inspiration, motivation, or do you just wish to have a feel-good cry? If yes, look no further. There is no better way to start your day than with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee, and an awesome TED talk to get you ready for a successful day.

TED (whose full form is Technology, Entertainment, and Design) features ideas that are worth spreading. The speaker series was launched in 1984, and presently, there are in excess of 1,400 TED talks that are available online.

ted talks

However, do not let the numbers overwhelm you. We have rounded up the 10 of the most inspiring TED talks that will surely improve your thinking and life. So sit back, relax, and peruse this list (presented in reverse-chronological order) that comprises some of the most fascinating and courageous people in the world.

Let’s get started.

TED Talks That Will Improve Your Thinking and Life

10. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are | Amy Cuddy

Change your life by changing your posture. Amy Cuddy provides an explanation regarding how powerful body language can help in reduction of stress, while simultaneously boosting your confidence levels.

Striking a power pose may seem like a minor thing, but could eventually make the difference when you encounter a highly stressful situation, such as a job interview or during negotiations for a pay hike.

9. The Power of Vulnerability | Brené Brown

Every human being feels vulnerable and afraid when it comes to uncertainty most of the times; however, these challenging situations can be ideal and wonderful paths to evolve and grow.

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Dr. Brene Brown’s successful research on human connection reveals that individuals who are happier are more likely and willing to readily accept the unknown. In addition, being vulnerable to a certain extent enhanced their mental and physical wellbeing.


8. The Mathematics of Love | Hannah Fry

Are you still in the hunt for that special someone? Renowned mathematician, Hannah Fry, comes up with numerous tips on the basis of Mathematics to find the ideal and perfect partner. This includes discontinuing the use of that immaculate and impeccable online dating photograph.

7. How To Practice Emotional First Aid | Guy Winch

Psychologist, Guy Winch, makes an argument in one of his TED talks that a majority of us do not care or bother about our mental and emotional health with the same devotion and diligence that we exhibit while taking care of our bodies.

He successfully concludes that guilt, loneliness, and several other psychological wounds could spell even more danger than traumas to the body. The key lies in thinking of emotional wounds in the same manner as physical ones.

6. I am a Terrorists Son. Here Is How I Opted for Peace | Zak Ebrahim

Zak Ebrahim’s emotionally moving TED talk has a powerful and impactful message: It takes immense energy to hold hate within you. His life is a story of choosing an alternative path from the bigotry and crude violence that he was raised in.

Although his life story concerns specific subjects such as bullying and terrorism, Ebrahim successfully shares a few vital life lessons:

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(1) An individual can use his or her exhaustive experience to become more empathetic,

(2) Getting to know individuals from diverse walks of life will eventually expand your own personal life, and

(3) whatever be the ideology of your family or surrounding environment, you are not precisely them.

5. Ways to Speak So That People Listen | Julian Treasure

Every human being wishes to be heard while they commence speaking—not merely heard, but also listened to. One part of this is we all could use to become effective listeners; however, another part is transforming the way in which we effectively communicate with others.

Julian Treasure, a sound consultant, presents to us the “HAIL” method of speaking to others so that the listener eventually pays attention to what you are saying and trusts you. HAIL is the acronym for honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love.


4. How To Make Hard Choices | Ruth Chang

You cannot march on with life without making tough decisions. Philosopher, Ruth Change, assists us in making life-altering decisions by looking within one’s self. This is an opportunity to successfully decide who you wish to be.

3. The Why Behind What We Do | Tony Robbins

What are the motivating factors for you, and what factors make you do things that you eventually do? What are the driving forces for you today?

Tony Robbins declares that underlying emotions are the invisible forces when it comes to internal drive. We all possess great minds and think in a logical and intellectual manner. However, it is our emotions that are the deciding factor when it comes to quality of life.

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Robbins concludes by saying that fulfillment is an art, and it is all about contribution and appreciation.

2. You Can Grow New Brain Cells | Sandrine Thuret

What individual does not desire additional active brain cells? Neuroscientist, Sanrine Thuret, lists three things you can eventually do in order to generate new brain cells through neurogenesis. The list includes learning, running, and having sex.

1. My Stroke of Insight | Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor’s (a brain researcher) description of the functioning of the brain and her subsequent experience of recovering from a massive stroke is definitely one of the most emotional and inspiring TED talks that you could watch.

It is all about a near-death experience, self-awareness, and, most significantly, the fact that we are all “energy beings” successfully connected to the energy surrounding us, including one another.

Regardless of whether you appreciate the undertones of spirituality or not, Dr. Taylor’s note serves as a powerful advice: We, human beings, have the inherent power to make an active choice, moment by moment, who we want to be, and how we want to live in this world.

These were the top 10 TED talks that will undoubtedly improve your thinking and life.

Which one would you watch first? Tell us on the comment section below.

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