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10 Things That Are a Priority to Future Happiness

Published on April 27, 2016 12:00 AM EST
Things That Are a Priority to Future Happiness

Happiness is essential in life. If you lead a happy life, you may live for many years. Happiness is that elusive thing we all strive for and are hoping to find. Everyone seeks to be happy and live a more fulfilling life, but to many it is an unattainable goal.

Many people will focus on the wrong area, part of them believes if they just had more money they would be happier, or if they had more power. Some lucky few are happy with what they have and find their joy in those around them. Happiness is mostly an attitude, a feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your place in the world. You should avoid stress and depression so that you can lead a happy life.

Things That Are a Priority to Future Happiness

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10 things you should not compromise if you want to be happy


Your health is very important to you as an individual, it can affect your comfort, wellbeing and overall attitude. You should ensure that your body is healthy all the time so that you can be a happy person. Remember that when your body is aching, you will not be comfortable like you were before. In addition, when you are sick, you will not be in a position to interact with your friends as usual.

Bad health denies you the happiness you need in life. This is the reason why you should ensure that your body is healthy by taking a balanced diet high in protein, fats and minimal processed carbs provides you with sufficient nutrients to aid in hormone production and protect against illness and disease. Adding a rounded exercise routine helps with muscle function and bone strength, staving off the effects of old age.

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Confidence is essential in life. If you do not have confidence in yourself, you will struggle to manage your goals. In addition, you will always feel shy when addressing a group of people. This is the reason why you need to have confidence in life.

If you have confidence in yourself, you will be in a position to make good decisions. You do not need the intervention of somebody else when making decisions. Confidence enables you to do many things in life. When you have confidence in yourself, you will be a happy person.


One of the main pillars of survival is shelter. After air, water and a source of food it is considered a basic necessity to be sheltered from the elements. So it makes sense that having a place of your own where you feel safe and comfortable will be high on the requirements to be happy. After all, “An Englishman’s home is his castle”.

The importance of a having a home is that you can decide to keep what you like. In addition, you can build the house of your dreams and renovate it the way you want. The freedom to do what you want in your home can be the source of your happiness.

This is the reason why you should invest in a good home. This will enable you to enjoy your stay at home when you are away from work. While ownership may or may not be an option, having your own space is what matters. If you share that space with friends or family might be a personal choice, at the end of the day it needs to feel like a sanctuary to you.

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Money may, or may not, be the source of happiness, as the saying goes: “Money cannot buy happiness, but it is better to cry in a Ferrari than on a bike”.

I believe that the real amount of money for happiness is slightly more than you need at any given time. Rather than dedicating your life to the pursuit of maximum wealth ensure that your finances are secure and stable so that your future can be easier.

Avoiding debt and having a suitable amount aside for emergencies will alleviate the stresses in your life. Making your money work for you, rather than you working for it, will be a step towards personal security.

While it might seem silly to some to recommend saving early but when it comes to money saving a small amount over a long time is always better than leaving it till late. If you do not manage your finances in the present, you might end up having a difficult time in the future.

You should be in a position to account for everything that you buy and keep records. You should have enough savings so that you can have an easier time as you advance in life. You can actually invest those savings in a project that will earn you some revenue at the end of the month.


Family is an important element to many who strive for happiness, human beings are social creatures. You need to feel loved and appreciated by your loved ones. This could be your source of happiness. You should ensure that you live in peace with your loved ones so that you can lead a happy life. In addition, your partner can be your source of inspiration.

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This is the reason why you should have a family. You should ensure that you live in harmony with your family members so that you can lead a happy life. TO some, family doesn’t necessarily mean blood, often times the closest and strongest relationships can be had with no familial bond.

A true friendship can last a lifetime and a person can be brought into a family if they are loved. Just because there is no blood tie between people does not make their relationship weaker, the real world is different to A Game of Thrones, where blood is the most important tie.

Losing weight

From time to time, you may need to lose weight to ensure your body stays healthy. While there is nothing morally wrong with being overweight there are physical downsides that can be easily eliminated. Stress on joints, heart and respiration system are just some of the side effects that can be avoided with weight loss. Often, there are psychological problems associated with overeating, addressing these issues can often lead to an overall improvement in life satisfaction. In some cases, affected people are using food to replace some other form of happiness or using it as a shield to avoid certain aspects of their lives. Once these barriers are removed health and happiness are sure to improve. Part of losing weight is living a healthier lifestyle and undertaking activity, both of which contribute to overall life style improvements.

Work-life balance

It is important that you find the right balance between work and life. You should not spend too much time at work at the expense of having personal time with yourself. You require that personal time to attend to a few issues here and there.

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You require creating time to spend with your wife and children. In addition, you also require that personal time to relax and so on. This is the reason why you should strike a balance between the number of hours you work and have leisure. This will help you to become a happy person in future. It should be one of your priorities in life.

Learning new skills

Self-improvement is a step towards being happy, adding a skill to your resume may improve job satisfaction and employability which may translate into a better financial life. Skill aren’t always for profit, learning a practical skill as a hobby might open a new world of interest to you.

Learning to cook, for example, can become a rewarding hobby to pass the time, but also save money on food shopping and contribute to a healthy eating plan. In doing so you may meet like-minded people, share recipes and stories, you may impress friends and family, encourage you to host gatherings as well as a whole bundle of associated interests.

Creating friendships

Friends are very important in life. Next to family they are the closest other human beings to you. While there are no rules on what constitutes your true “family” and many people will feel closer to their friends than their real family, But I am not talking about your closest circle of friends, I am talking about the wider group of people.

People who you enjoy spending time with, but not your whole life with. As we grow older we often let our circle of friends get smaller and smaller. Through multiple observations of human societies in history there have been summations that the average social group of humans is 150

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Avoiding stress

Stress can be detrimental to you as an individual. You should avoid circumstances that can lead to stress in life. Remember that if stress accumulates, it can lead to depression or worse. You should avoid stress and choose to be a happy person. If somebody is responsible for your stress, avoid him or her. This will play a big role in ensuring that you remain a happy person.

Those are some of the things that you should not compromise if you want to be happy. You may have wealth but you might not be leading a happy life. You should make the above-mentioned list a priority to future happiness. In addition, you should be happy with the way you are. You should take pride in your uniqueness and your self-esteem will improve.

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