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10 Things That Make You Wealthy That Are Not About Money

Published on March 6, 2016 12:00 AM EST
10 Things That Make You Wealthy That Are Not About Money

Wealth is certainly about money, but much more than “only about money”. Wealth is about being able to manage and enjoy your resources with grace, in a way that it’s truly a blessing for yourself and for the people you influence.

Here you go with 10 things and habits, apparently having little to do with money, that are going to make you wealthy.

10 Things That Make You Wealthy That Are Not About Money

10 Things That Make You Wealthy That Are Not About Money

Eating good, home-made food

What can be more luxurious than great, nourishing, and thoughtful food enjoyed with your loved ones? As you improve your eating habits, you might find yourself with more ideas, better relationships, and great health to support wealth creation.


Listen to good quality music

Get some grace and soulful wealth by choosing to listen well performed music, with skilled performers and uplifting lyrics. When browsing music online, click the ones that lead to wealth.


Exchange clutter for beauty

Wealth is more likely to stay around a clear environment. After you’ve cleared the clutter, add a touch of beauty and enjoy your wealth!


Get rid of profanity and trash talk

When you speak with wealthy, uplifting and encouraging words, your own mind is reaffirmed and your soul is nourished with good food. As you choose your words wisely, you’ll soon realize your whole environment is wealthier.


Grow your relationship with God

What better way to grow your wealth than to be around the author of it? The more you seek God with sincerity and humbleness, the more He will grant you spiritual wealth, and even teach you how to grow, manage, and enjoy your material wealth.


Grow unique relationships with the people around you

The people in your life are not only valued for the amount of opportunities and wisdom that they provide, but also for the luxury of accessing each of them in a one-of-a-kind way. Even if you work with lots of people, make a bit of effort to know about what make them unique, and find small ways to create an individual relationship with each of them.


Dedicate time to personal growth

Grow your inner wealth, by challenging yourself to become a better person. Work in better habits, read well-chosen books, and acquire a lifelong student mindset.


Allocate time to a cause you care about

Unleash the wealth within you, by making yourself and your time available for those in need. You might discover first hand that there’s more blessing to give than to receive.


Sleep early and wake up before down, without an alarm

In a fast-paced world, good sleep has became a luxury. Good sleep is, however, a result of good habits and healthy boundaries in your life. Making a point to have a good sleep could mean giving up TV/Social Media, pay attention to your eating habits, or setting up an alarm for bedtime (instead of wake-up time).


Celebrate success – yours and other people’s

No matter how big or small, get into the habit of celebrating yourself and others for their accomplishments. When you get into the habit, you’ll find yourself feeling wealthier and actually attracting more wealth to your life.


Wealth has many aspects to it, and as you focus on growing your wealth in what apparently has little to do with money, you will find not only you get more opportunities, but also more wisdom to take advantage of them.

10 Things That Make You Wealthy That Are Not About Money
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