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10 Things to Remember in your 30’s

Published on May 31, 2016 12:00 AM EST
10 Things to Remember in your 30’s

Well, here you are. You’re in your 30’s, and it seems like just yesterday that you were graduating from high school or partying in college. Remember those days? When the only things you had to worry about were prom and finding gas money. Well, you aren’t 18 anymore, and there are a few more things you should worry about than passing a Spanish class.

Your gym’s address

Now that you’re a little older than you used to be, your metabolism probably isn’t what it used to be either. You might have noticed those jeans don’t fit as well, or those old t-shirts are a little on the tight side.

10 Things to Remember in your 30’s

Once you’re in your 30’s is the great time to start a fitness routine. Your health is one of the most important things you should remember to pay attention to in your 30’s. It’s time to start using that gym membership you’ve been paying for (it isn’t going to get any easier).

Money Matters

Aside from your health and physical fitness, your financial fitness is one of the most important things to remember at this stage of life. There are dozens of different things you should remember money-wise once you hit your 30’s.

  • Have you started your investing?
  • How are your retirement accounts doing?
  • Do you have a life insurance policy?

These are just a few of the dozens of financial aspects you should remember in your 30’s.

Bad things happen

Speaking of insurance, remember that bad things are going to happen. Something bad could happen to you, to your family, to your house, or to your car. Cheery thought, right? Well, remember that bad things are going to happen eventually, and you should be prepared when they do. This could mean having the proper insurance policies, having enough money saved up in an emergency fund, or just simply having an emergency kit in your car.

Your kids will probably go to college

If you have children, that means they are probably going to try and further their educations (or at least you hope), which means that you should remember that tuition bill you could see. The average cost of a four-year degree is rising and is going to keep going up. Currently, if your child were to get a degree from a four-year university, you would be looking at a $4,000 bill every year for an in-state university. Now that you’ve hit your 30’s, your kids will be going to college before you know it, better start saving now!

Spend more time with your family

Don’t worry; this one is a little happier! With all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, it’s easy to get wrapped up and forget the things that really matter. Instead of spending so much time at the office or working in your house, take the time to play with your kids or visit family you haven’t seen in a while. In a few years, you won’t be upset that you didn’t spend more time at the office, I promise.

Use your camera more often

Remember that camera you got for your birthday last year? You probably haven’t used it enough. The older we get, the less of those precious memories that we actually remember. Now that you are right in the middle of your life, with so much going on, it’s important that you remember to take plenty of pictures that you can look back on in the years to come.

It mostly doesn’t matter

If you haven’t learned by now, the majority of little things in life don’t matter. It’s important that you remember in your 30’s not to sweat the small stuff in your life. Does it matter that the line at the grocery store too longer than normal? No, it doesn’t. Try and remember what is important and what doesn’t.

Turn off the TV

Everyone has a favorite television show or twelve favorite television shows. There is nothing wrong with sitting down to catch up on your favorite series, but there is a problem with binge watching the whole series in a week. Thanks to Netflix, more people are spending hours in front of the television every day. In your 30’s is the time to put down the technology and find something better to do (like go to the gym).

Never too late to hit the books

By the time many people hit their 30’s they think their school days are over, but that’s not true. More and more people are going back to school to get another degree, finish a degree, or start their first degree. It’s the perfect time to stop and think about going back to college, or maybe just taking a few classes to brush up on the things you’ve forgotten.

Have Fun

This one is easy. Remember to have fun. You might have a 3 in your age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the time of your life. You can still have the same amount of fun you had when you were 18, just remember, you might be a little sore in the morning!

Life in the 30’s

This is an exciting time of life. You and your family are enjoying time together, you have a great job, and plenty of support, but that doesn’t mean you can turn everything on autopilot. Just like with that Spanish exam in high school, there are a lot of things you have to remember.

10 Things to Remember in your 30’s
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