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3 Powerful Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Profits

Published on February 11, 2015 12:00 AM EST

What is Passion?

Passion is fast becoming an overused word throughout industries. It’s splashed across resumes, shoved into mission statements and even measured in performance evaluations. What is passion? I define passion as that positive energy that ignites and drives us in pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals.


It’s that intangible attribute that connects us to our purpose and keeps us focused, motivated and courageous in the face of challenges. Passion from another dimension can be viewed as the reason we do what we do. It finds itself at the center of our existence. When we combine these two perspectives the million dollar question remains, how do we translate our positive energy – our center into success? How do we convert our passion into profits?


Narrow your options

First things first – you need to determine what you are passionate about, what gives you that sense of fulfillment and self-worth. Sometimes this might prove more complex than one would think. After all you have lived for decades, enjoyed many experiences, and developed a variety of skills, competencies and interests over those years. Ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up and you’ll hear doctor, fireman, policeman and pilot – all from the one child.

Even as adults fresh out of high school, university and in between opportunities, professionals find themselves at crossroads and their minds flooded with so many options as to possibilities that lie ahead.

Once you have narrowed down your options then you need to challenge yourself with a series of questions. If you are someone with a passion for people development the natural path for someone seeking a new career would be to go into teaching, training or human resources. That’s for the income oriented individual looking to retire on a reasonable pension or 401k. For the budding entrepreneur consider these steps:


Step 1 – Ask yourself.

Do I have the entrepreneurial spirit? Am I willing to step outside the box of the ‘9 to 5’ routine? Can I work unsupervised? Am I driven and motivated without the standard external factors or organizational structure? If yes, then you are on the path of being an entrepreneur!


Step 2 – Examine your skills.

What are my industry experiences, education and training that empowers me to perform at this level? Do I have strong communication skills? Presentation skills? Interpersonal savvy? Do I prefer small groups? Large audiences or both? Am I equipped to train and develop people on soft skills or do I prefer to serve as a subject matter expert stemming from my years of experience in a specific industry? Most professionals who offer these types of services typically offer a combination of both, but honing your offerings and defining your specialty might be the niche that takes you to the next level.


Step 3 – Consider the business perspective.

You have identified your passion and determined exactly how you want to offer yourself to the world. The last and most important step is to package this as a business. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you will be challenged to become a Jack of all trades from time to time but it is important to leverage your resources. Moving from job to job is a large step. Transitioning from a career path to being a business owner is a giant leap.


The Ultimate Reward

Beyond the passion, independence and impact I make on people, small businesses and industries, what keeps me inspired and motivated is the fact that as an entrepreneur everything I accomplish, every dollar I earn is a return on investment of me. Yes, you read correctly. The greatest asset I risk and invest daily is me, and every success reinforces my self-worth. Can you think of anything more rewarding?

Start that journey today. The world deserves you and it shouldn’t have to wait!

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