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3 Ways To Heal Using Social Media To Share Your Journey

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Many of us go through many life changes and don’t know how to share them with others, especially on social media.

With many limiting thoughts and fears, many decide to hide their new journey, thinking others won’t “like” it, judge them, or won’t leave a comment on their post.

Sharing your journey is powerful, unique, and personal.

It’s having someone share his or her own experiences and personal truth.

It inspires positive change.

But often, fear kicks in, and feelings of self-doubt and lack of self-worthiness come up, stopping someone from sharing their story with others.

Use Social Media To Share Your Journey

Overcoming fear is the first step to healing and will help you share your journey.

It will help you release and let go of what’s holding you back.

Here I have a few tips to bust through the fear blocks to help you share your journey and heal with social media 

Find your Favorite Social Media Platform and Stick with it!

With so many new social media outlets, one can get lost in which one is the “best” to post on or to have.

Instead of trying to sign up for several accounts, just stick to one platform.

How do you find that one?


Choose the one that leaves you with a positive feeling each time you go on there.

That is the one you should post your journey on every day and only post there consistently.

3 Ways To Heal Using Social Media To Share Your Journey 3

Be Your Authentic Self

This is crucial in sharing your journey on social media.

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Be yourself.

There is only one you, and only you can share your story.

With so many celebrities and others sharing their lives, it’s easy to get intimidated in sharing your stuff.

Own your story because you are the only person who can tell it.

Part of the healing process is to embrace who you are.

Know you are enough, and your story will impact others too.

Post With Love and Intention

Start posting with love and intention.

First, before every post, send it out with the love of the message you share with your audience.

Your thoughts contain powerful energy and can be felt by those who encounter your post.

Second, post with intention.

What is your intention behind that post?

Do you want to inspire others?

Or are you sharing something personal you need to release?

That love and intention you send out will be felt within your post and attract those who resonate with your message, creating a like-minded, supportive community who want to follow you and go along with you on your journey to healing.

3 Ways To Heal Using Social Media To Share Your Journey

How will you use social media?

Social media doesn’t have to be a bad place.

We can all make better posts.

In the comment section below, tell us about a time a social media post helped you heal or understand your journey better.

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