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5 Great Apps to Save Money and Time this Holiday Season

Published on November 27, 2014 12:00 AM EST

5 Great Apps to Save Money and Time this Holiday Season

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Technology has always made life much easier for us. It helps us save on our time, effort and money. This can mainly be attributed to the popularity of smartphones in the modern days. With the number of smartphone users increasing, people are more exposed to technology. However, not many would be making the maximum usage of technology available to benefit them. There are apps which help you to save your money and time. It can be accessed at your fingertips on your smartphone and will bring in huge savings in time and money. Read on to know about the five great apps that will help you save your money and time.

Best Apps To Save Time and Money

HomeBudget with Sync

An app that is available across all platforms, HomeBudget will help you keep a track on all your expenditures and there is a great level of integration. It can be installed across multiple devices and there is a seamless sync making use of which, all the devices of a family can work on a single budget, helping you to know better about the entire expenses of your family. It also helps you keep a log of all the bills, as there is an option to save the receipts and the app also notifies you about various recurring bills. The values of expenses and income are in sync among all the devices belonging to a single family. Also, towards the end of the month, you can have a look at the reports generated by the app to know clearly about the areas where you are incurring major expenses and can work accordingly to cut down on the same from the following month.


If you are staying with friends or are of the habit of frequently dining out with a group of people, it is likely that you end up paying and with a busy schedule or routine you have, you would fail to remember how much each person owes you. Or even, if you are staying with roomies, you might have paid a bill but might not have found the time to split it and know how much your roommates owe you on the same. Splitwise addresses this and brings in the ultimate solution as it would help you know the exact amount a person owes you and this way, you can ensure that there is a fair distribution and you do not have to end up paying more. With Splitwise, there would be no confusion about who owes how much and you do not have to keep wondering about who paid the bill and what the bill was etc. Just an entry in this app would suffice and result in great savings!


TripLog is a very innovative app and is beneficial for those who travel a lot by their car. This app helps you to keep a track of the mileage of your car automatically. Also, your resulting expenses and the route you take would be shown up in Google Maps. Apart from this, this app has packed in innovative functionalities, such as the ability to read the odometer readings automatically, get started automatically as soon as the speed is over 5 miles per hour. At the end of the day, you would be able to see the mileage of your car and the time spent on each route. This would help you to choose better routes and save on your time and money. If you are making use of a company car for which you would need to maintain a log, this app is of great use as it would help you generate reports and you would not have to spend time on it at all. The ease-of-use is also high as it is automatically started when it gets connected to the car Bluetooth or when your speed is above 5 mph.


A major chunk of expenses for an average individual can be attributed to the phone bills. People who talk more would be entering into an expensive contract with their mobile carrier so that they would be able to make more calls and send messages. But ever wondered how much you would be saving if you could call and text across the world for free? Viber lets you to make calls and send unlimited messages over a data connection, which can be either 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, due to which you would be able to make massive savings on your monthly phone expenses. After switching over and using it for a month, you would be taken in for a pleasant delight by looking at the great savings you made on your phone bill. To make things better, Viber is available across all platforms and can be installed on any smartphone, allowing you to talk with your family and friends for free with just the data charges incurred! Time to switch to Viber and start saving on your phone bill!

Cube Anywhere

More of a professional and business app, Cube Anywhere is useful and this app can be used for expense reporting. The most unique and promising feature of this app that it is integrated with Google Cloud Drive, as a result of which all the project costs and expenditures incurred can be saved safely on the cloud storage. Due to this, all the costs can be saved and even while working on global projects, this app works like a charm as it supports multiple currencies. It makes use of the most secure features available and has a great UI, which supports multiple languages and makes the overall user experience a great one. Also, it is available on iOS and Android platforms, but can also be accessed from the web, due to which the information entered can be read from any corner of the world. It comes with a free trail of 30 days and you may try it to know more about the features and functionalities Cube Anywhere has to offer!

The Absolute Best Ways To Save Money

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