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5 Things Science Says Will Make You Happier

Published on April 27, 2016 12:00 AM EST
5 Things Science Says Will Make You Happier

We are always looking for things that will make us happier. But the truth is that most of the time we have very little idea of what we are looking for. Or we look for happiness in the wrong places. Especially if we think that we have never been happy before, we are very likely not to recognize it even when it pass in front of our eyes.

So, in order to help you out, we have listed below 5 things that scientists agreed that will make you feel happier. Then, grab a paper or your favorite app, and start to make notes:

5 Things Science Says Will Make You Happier

 Science Says This Will Make You Happier

1. Smile all the time

Being positive seems to have an incredible effect on the way that we feel about our lives. And this is not about lying to ourselves, but about enjoying every moment and living in the present. Even if we don’t feel like this, it is believed that insisting on this habit will eventually change our thoughts and attitude towards our life into a more positive way.

Hardly said than done, but many of us have several reasons to be happy and choose to ignore them all together, only focusing on what we don’t have. So the suggestion here is that we should take a different path and direct our eyes to more pleasant views, to try to be surrounded by positive people as often as possible, and to keep a smile on our faces all the time.

2. Forget about the money

Can money bring us happiness? This is the doubt that lives in our minds on a daily basis, so, just to be on the safe side, we work as much as we can, so we can buy us whatever we think that will make us happy.

And yet we all know that rich people aren’t necessarily happy as money can’t buy successful marriages, well-behavioured children, or health, just to name a few things we need so to feel that life is good.

Of course, nobody is saying here that you shouldn’t work anymore and that money has no place in a happy life. But the point defended by studies is that happy people know that money is the medium and not the final end of their happiness. And they look for effective ways to make the most of the income they already have.

Happy people also don’t give too much importance to any material things itself, understanding that what they are looking for is their effect on their lives – as an example, they want to buy a house not just to have it, but because it will ensure them a place to live when they are older.

3. Having healthy relationships

A healthy relationship with family, friends, and partners should increase your possibilities to be happy. According to a study from the London School of Economics, people seem to recognize themselves as happier when they are with other people, especially with friends.

To gather their data, the researchers used an app called Mappiness, so they could track their users’ responses about how they feel a few times during the day. Over 50,000 people volunteer to this research, and it was found out that there was an 8% increase in happiness when they were hanging out with friends.

So, one of the suggestions here is ensuring that your co-workers and family are your friends as well, and enjoying your job as if it was fun (and not an obligation or the only way to survive). It might extend the same feeling of happiness that you get from hanging out with your friends to more hours of your day.

4. Do what makes you happy (and write a book!)

Comparing what we have achieved so far with what our peers have seems to be a main cause of unhappiness. Following this behaviour, we ignore everything that we have accomplished so far. It also takes away from our focus all the little details that make us unique and impossible to compare our decisions and lifestyle with those of anybody else.

It’s probably obvious why this is a very wrong approach to happiness, as circumstances differ from person to person, leave alone psychological and physical aspects that might interfere in the way that we deal with anything in our lives. Of course, it is important to have a mentor and learn from other people’s achievements. But the only consequence of frequently comparing ourselves to other people is low self-esteem.

So, you should always do what makes you feel happy instead. And one of the ways to make anyone feel happier (and healthier) is by writing a book – even if you have no intention of publishing it. And this is because writing is a proven way to increases the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel rewarded and pleased about ourselves.

5. Exercise more often (especially outside)

Exercising is a famous way to make us feel happier. And here you will hear again about an increased release of dopamine in our bodies. It also brings us confidence and boost our self-esteem, as we feel happier about our figure. And accordingly to a study from the University of Duke, it can even have a long-lasting effect on depression.

These effects can be highly increased by the kind of activity that we choose. Sports usually create opportunities to social interaction and networking, which can increase the results of what was mentioned in topic number 3.

And if we do it outside, it can make you feel even better, as being in touch with nature re-creates a sense of calm and connection with the environment.

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If you would like to feel happier, be sure that you cultivate a positive mind, exercise more often, enjoy the outdoors, deal with money as a tool and not as your master, spare some time to write and embrace healthy relationships.

This recipe based on scientific pieces of advice might be all that you just need to have a healthier and happier life from now on.

5 Things Science Says Will Make You Happier
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