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5 Ways to Wake up Early and Make the Most of Your Day

Published on September 19, 2015 9:13 AM EST

It can be said with utmost surety that the traditional wisdom passed down from generation to generation has had its proofs. From the dark ages to the millennial age, we are moving in right now, sharing anecdotes, whispers of knowledge, folk tales with life lessons have been significant. Even though most would like to think that, the progressive society has discovered far more than we as a race ever did, the experience of the ancestors can’t be denied. One of the most important debatable things in today’s world would be the concept of getting up early in the morning.

Ways Getting up Can Actually Prove Beneficial:

Unbelievably, this has been one of the most widespread concepts that has not received much negative critique. Sure, people have come to the point that they don’t deny the productivity that can be achieved in the night or throughout the day, but getting up early is undoubtedly accepted worldwide as a great way to start your day. We can look at any area at any point in time and still arrive at the same conclusion that humanity has had its better time of the day in the first half. Not only are we talking about the obvious physical pros like the light of the sun, but the very state of mind being affected by the process of waking up early in the morning.

The Refreshment:

Go ahead. Spend a day with the following changes. Go to sleep early, and wake up as early as the sunrise, or even before. When you finally fight the gravity in the sheets and somehow push yourself to take a nice refreshing bath, take a second and walk out. Let the natural state of the planet hit you in the face. Let it consume the rotting polluted corpse that the body becomes in the chaos of the day. The breeze, the air, the very soul takes a deep breath and somehow finds the energy to be reborn and try something.

The Time Controversy:

No matter what business or work you are into, you can probably appreciate a job that starts late. Gives you a lot of time to make peace with your bed and start the beginning of your day when the whole world is already too far ahead. Not only are you losing the pace to the people saving their time getting up early, you’re losing the chance of being in the open hours of the world. How many times have you found yourself unable to make it to the bank in time? It wasn’t because the service is bad, it’s because the processes should have been executed earlier.

The Way of the World:

Millions face this problem every day but still do not realize that even if time is just a concept, you cannot deny the way the world works. In the end, no bank is going to listen to your demand for a loan in the middle of the night just because you’re comfortable at that time. You can adjust your schedule accordingly and have the same amount of time that you can get before midnight.

A Chance to be Actually Productive:

Most working parents have found themselves being able to achieve and accomplish so much more just by waking up a little earlier than they usually do. Having the breakfast ready for everyone and your own self-ready can be a tough job but it can be done by allowing yourself the time. It’s actually just that simple. Allow yourself more time to do things in the time that things actually get done rather than waiting for the right time when you feel like doing them.

Physical Benefits:

You have heard it all before. Getting up early is physically more revitalizing and healthy than having late nights. A physically fit body is the secret to a healthy mind, and every wise man in his time has adapted to getting up early because it allows a fresh intake of oxygen and a clean environment to exercise in. Use that because it’s not the same throughout the day.

You can try to negate the ancestral wisdom anytime you want. Even the progressives have conceded to the benefits of getting up early. Sure, getting up late can be satisfying, but it takes away your ability to satisfy your material conditions. Foremost, do not waste your time at night by scrolling through social media or other addictive apps like Whatsapp spy, stalking your ex. Sleep early so you can wake up early.

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