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6 Characteristics That Successful People Have That Others do Not

Published on February 24, 2016 12:00 AM EST

There are many things that influence whether or not somebody is going to be successful. Some of these influences are circumstantial and not fully under the control of the person (of course that doesn’t mean the circumstance cannot be overcome). Then there are the things that are fully under the control of the individual. These are the characteristics that are demonstrated on a regular basis by successful people, but that are not a part of the makeup of people who are unwilling to to do what it takes to succeed. For those who are interested in taking the steps to become a success, here are 6 characteristics of successful people.

6 Characteristics That Successful People Have That Others do Not

1. They Act Like Leaders

One indication that somebody is on the path to success is that they act like a true leader. This should not be confused with somebody who acts as a boss. Bosses simply tell people what to do, and then decide who gets credit and who takes blame. Leaders take ownership of problems. They mentor and encourage other people, and they never pass blame. They also understand the importance of communication and cooperation. Most importantly, they motivate themselves to do these things, no matter if they are in a position of leadership or not. This is because they know that acting like a leader is something that will put them on the path to success.

2. They Know Their Flaws And They Work on Them

Successful people make it a regular habit to take inventories of themselves and to honestly assess where they are in life. By doing this, they are able to understand where their flaws and shortcomings are. Then, the do what other people are not willing to do, they make concrete plans to work on fixing those flaws and shortcomings. Finally, most importantly, they follow through on those plans.

3. They Are Willing to Take Unpopular Stances

When working with others to get a project done, successful people find that they occasionally have to go against the grain and take the unpopular stance. This is because they recognize that ultimately the success of the team and the effort they are making is more important than being well liked all the time, or going with what will please the group, right or wrong.

4. They Are Always Learning

Success people are, in a way, never finished with school. This is because it never occurs to them at any particular time that their education is complete. Instead, they embark on a lifelong journey of education, formal or informal, to increase their knowledge on a variety of subjects. Obviously, this education includes learning new skills and methodologies to help further their careers, but it also includes education simply for personal enrichment and curiosity.

5. They Are Willing to Sacrifice What Other People Won’t

Essentially, a successful person is simply somebody who sets goals and then does what it takes to achieve those goals. This takes dedication and hard work. It also takes a willingness to make personal sacrifices. This is a major point of separation between people who are successful and people who are not. The truth is this, in order to succeed, there are trade offs. For example, a student training to get into shape to try out for a sports team may give up going out with friends and sleeping in, so that he can spend that time working out. A woman in a corporate office who is vying for a leadership position may sacrifice her social life for a period of time so she can spend her evenings working on a proposal for a project that will give her the opportunity to demonstrate her skills.

6. They Surround Themselves With The Right People

It is virtually impossible to become a successful person when you are surrounded by people who aren’t motivated, and who do not have goals on their own. It is even less possible when those people actively discourage you from achieving your goals, even if they do this in well-meaning ways. Successful people get this, and they carefully select their friends and associates because of this. Not only do successful people surround themselves with proactive, motivated, people who live with a purpose, they also seek out relationships with people who are smarter and more accomplished than they are, so that they can learn from them.

Anybody can be a successful person. It simply requires a willingness to work hard, think for yourself, make sacrifices, continually pursue new knowledge, and the willingness to take on leadership roles. For many people, the truly difficult part is taking the first few steps and making the first few life changes that they must, in order to become successful. However, once they do take those first steps, they find that continuing on that path becomes much easier as time passes and they achieve

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