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6 Tips to Find Motivation to Write

Published on December 20, 2013 10:40 AM EST

Do you know what nonwriters think about writing? Writing is intangible as most people don’t consider it as a way to earn your living. They believe this is a just a hobby and people enjoy doing it because there is a little show to it. 

The truth is quite the opposite. It’s a challenging job that requires a lot of motivation. If you are writing and you can’t find the drive to continue, these tips will help you!


Be Motivated

You have to accept the responsibility of your actions. You have to come to the terms that you are the only person capable of doing this. The utmost thing you will need to do is sit on a chair, start writing and finish your work. No one else will go to this trouble for you!

Work on a Tight Deadline

The only way you will produce results is presenting you have a tight deadline to fit in. This is a great incentive to start. Ask yourself what you will start and finish writing if you only had a short time to live. If you pull this off successfully, you can motivate yourself to write a 100k word manuscript.

These are scare tactics, and they are very effective. Yes, you don’t meet the deadlines usually but aim for the stars, and you will reach the sky. 

Commit Yourself to Write

You need to schedule how much time you can give to writing and when. You have to write it down in your diary. Make it a part of your routine and keep at it until you make it a habit of yours. This way, you will be able to maintain your focus. Start with dedicated only one to two hours.

Get rid of Your Distractions

Everything is a waste of time when you are working. You need to stay away from social media. It will consume your valuable time by doing absolutely nothing. The same holds for YouTube and your smartphone.

These will serve as nothing else but a distraction. So, when you get yourself together and start writing, you must free yourself of these restrictions. They will do nothing but hinder your productivity.  Learn how a professional essay writer works, they deliver thousands of words every day.  

Use Every Tool Available at Your Disposal

You can’t dismiss everything as a waste of time. Several productivity tools will help you stay on track. You can download a timer on your cell phone and set it at a time limit. It will alert you when you are halfway through, nearing the deadline and over it. This can help you make productive.Co-Motivation


Do you what they say about weight loss?

The best way to lose weight is to have an exercise partner. If you don’t have someone with you, challenge someone to a word race over the internet. It will be a great motivation because it doesn’t matter who has written more words at the end, you are both a winner. 

Nothing boosts productivity than a little competition. So, find someone to compete against. It will help you get on track.

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