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6 Ways To Use Social Media To Get A New Job

Published on April 25, 2016 12:00 AM EST
6 Ways To Use Social Media To Get A New Job

Job-hunting is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of searching for employment in the classified section. Today we live in a society that’s constantly connected through social media and online information, not papers. So where do you begin if you need (or want) a new job? It’s not as confusing as it may seem. Review the following ideas as a guide and start showcasing your talents in the digital world.

1. Create a Linkedin Profile.

If you don’t already have a Linkedin profile, start one immediately. The site works like and online resume, as well as an active community of professionals. You want to be sure that your profile is professional and searchable. This means regularly updating and adding new skills, as well as using industry words that will catch recruiter’s eye.

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Get A New Job


2. Advertise yourself.

Find a few specific companies you might want to work for and market yourself to them directly. Use your Facebook, Blog and other social outlets as personal ads. You don’t have to be selling a product to use Google AdWords, instead sell yourself. A lot of companies might Google or search their business online. This is a great way to stand out from the rest and catch employer’s attention off guard.


3. Stop using paper resumes.

You do not need a paper resume anymore unless an employer specifically requests one. It’s simple and fast to set up a one-two page website for free, and this is exactly what you should do if you are currently on the job hunt. Sites like WordPress offer free blog setups that can easily be used as resume builders and this also gives you the opportunity to show more of your visual design, creativity and overall professional skills to possible employers.

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4. Build your online influence.

If you want to attract employers you are going to need to have connections. You need to be present in the online world of communication. Online influence is measured in how many connections you have, who those connections are with and how influential the people in your digital world are. This is also measured by how many people are sharing your content. A larger network means a larger audience and shows your ability to market and brand effectively.


5. Stop posting so many selfies and party pictures.

Remember what’s appropriate for future employers to see and that’s only to be seen by your (and your family and friends) eyes. This is a huge concern for many employers. You may have a stellar resume, but the minute a recruiter sees you downing shots on a bar, you may be out of the job and lacking opportunity. Manage your privacy settings and monitor what you put out there in the digital world.


6. Watch your language.

Whether it be your Linkedin profile, Facebook page or Twitter feed, be mindful of the language you use. This not only includes avoiding profanity but also being aware of your own writing skills. Showcasing your writing skills, even in resumes and emails, can show employers your critical thinking and analytical skill levels, as well as your ability to communicate ideas effectively.


Social media has become much more than a trend. It’s simply the way we communicate. However, personal relationships are still important. People will be who you work with and who you work for, so don’t forget the computer won’t always be there to protect you.

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And like with any job, employers want to do a background check to be sure they have a true sense of whom they are hiring. This has never been easier than with the help of social media. So remain confident and use the ideas listed above as a jumping off point.

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