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7 Undeniable Ways To Be A Powerful Woman

Published on January 17, 2015 12:00 AM EST


1. Be Active

Take part in some type of regular physical activity. Exercise is the least expensive yet most effective means to become and truly feel powerful – a confident, clear-thinking, fit woman projects an alluring magnetism and is automatically a beautiful woman.


2. Develop a Warrior’s Spirit

Learn a form of self-defense. Knowing how to fight back and defend yourself; that you have the resolve to not freeze in panic but to take calm, clear-headed action IF such an adverse situation ever happened is incredibly empowering.

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3. No More Mixed Messages

Limit time in the media. The mass media wants all women to believe that they will never be smart enough, thin enough, attractive enough, that they are doomed to be imperfect creatures that require constant improvement. Are these messages ones that you really want to be surrounded by? Take back your self-esteem by avoiding these messages and your natural confidence will shine by refusing to buy into them.


4. Enjoy outside

Spend time in nature. There is no more rejuvenating, healing, energizing, meditative environment than to be outdoors. Nature affords us a measure of primal introspection that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

5. Make time for your hobbies.

Have a creative outlet. Creativity may feel like a idle luxury when there are so many other things demanding a woman’s attention, but it is an absolute necessity. To create, whether it be art, writing, dance, poetry, etc., is to develop an innate satisfaction and joy with your own boundless abilities.


6. Have goals.

A life without goals is aimless and purposeless. Live your life according to your principles and desired achievements, not what others expect of you. Never be afraid to dream big– “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”. And the moment someone tells you, “You can’t…” is the moment you set out to prove them wrong.

7. Never stop learning.

Educate yourself and challenge your beliefs. Never stop learning; embrace a mindset of inquisitive curiosity. Question and seek knowledge on things around you – down to the lifestyle you are living, the foods you are eating, the activities you are doing, and the very thoughts you are thinking. Are you doing things because “everyone else is”, because it’s the “social norm”? Or are you making conscious and deliberate choices that build on constructing your best self?

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