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7 Ways to Stay Motivated this Winter

Published on November 23, 2015 12:00 AM EST
winter motivation

When it’s cold outside, it can be really easy to go into “hibernation mode”. You know what that is: junk food, couch, pajamas and a Netflix marathon. Of course, staying warm under a blanket on the couch is a wonderful part of winter, but you can’t do it all season long!

You should feel your best this winter and stay motivated to be healthy and strong. It’s easy to let the cold weather mess with your fitness routine. It can even leave you feeling down and lonely. Don’t let this winter season get the best of you.

winter motivation

Here are some suggestions to keep yourself motivated this winter. And for even more motivation, check out our collection of winter quotes as well as these beautiful snow quotes.

Ways to Get Motivated in Winter

1. Get Outside

Braving the cold weather isn’t so easy sometimes, but some studies say that getting outdoors is good for your wellbeing. The University of Michigan found that nature walks were linked to an improved state of mind. It’s no secret that the cold, dreary weather and fewer hours of daylight can cause a person to feel depressed. Beat those bad feelings by taking a walk or a hike. You can even try checking out some holiday events in the area such as annual christmas tree lightings, going ice skating or snowboarding, or even simply playing in the snow. The point is to embrace it. Just because it is cold out does not mean you should mope around and fear the weather! Within reason, try to get outside and enjoy the crisp air. Just don’t forget to dress warmly!

2. Plan a Get-Away

Still can’t stand the cold weather? Plan a short get-away for you and your friends or just go by yourself! February is a great time to take a trip. At that point in the winter, the snow and ice are more annoying than beautiful. Find a place that is sunny and warm. Look at deals for cruises or find a beach in Florida to lay out on. A weekend or a week-long trip is all you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It won’t be fun coming back to freezing temperatures, but the wait for spring will be a little bit more bearable.

3. Dress for the Weather

You need to dress warmly for winter, that much is obvious. Make the most of the chilly weather by picking out a few new pieces to wear. Splurge on yourself and buy a nice sweater or cute, waterproof boots to throw on over your fleece-lined leggings. Find a beautiful, but toasty, winter coat. Get whatever you want that will make you feel a little bit better about the snow. Then, when you do have to leave the comfort of your home, at least you will look great!

4. Exercise

Anyone can get in a fitness rut, especially since there are so many winter holidays. Your schedule fills up so it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. There are fewer hours of daylight, so getting outside to go for a run seems impossible. Regardless, it’s important to find a time and activity that works for you. If you belong to a gym that has a pool, try swimming. It’s a good switch from any cold, outdoor activities and it will remind you of summer and warm weather! If you can’t hit the gym, find some great winter sports that will really challenge your exercise routines. Go cross-country skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. All of these are full-body workouts that will make you feel active and you will still have fun! Be sure to grab a friend to help you stay committed to working out. Having an exercise partner is good motivation for staying the course!



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Ways to Stay Motivated this Winter

5. Eat Well

Just like keeping up with fitness can be difficult, eating right can be just as hard during the winter. Holidays present all sorts of tempting options and coffee shops have delicious pumpkin spice lattes. Still, eating well is beneficial and will keep you healthy and strong. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you can’t use fresh, winter produce. Try a new, healthy food each week to keep your meals interesting. Cook at home and try things like vegetable soups and herbal teas to keep you warm and make you feel good. Fuel your body with foods that energize you!

6. Start a New Hobby

More than likely, you will be spending a lot of time indoors. Use your free time to start a new hobby. Knit or crochet a scarf or a blanket that you can use to keep yourself warm. Find a creative outlet like painting or calligraphy. There are all sorts of books and YouTube tutorials to help you get started. A new hobby is the perfect way to keep you motivated and get your creative juices flowing.

winter motivation

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7. Fight off Sickness

Winter is sick season and nothing gets you down like a bad cold. There are the typical ways to fight off sickness like washing your hands and staying hydrated. In order to stay motivated, you’ll want to stay healthy this winter. One way to do this is to not let your fitness routine slip. Regular exercise is not only a good way to stay in shape, but it keeps your immune system strong, as well. If you use essential oils, oils like frankincense, peppermint and melaleuca will purify the air you breathe, so that you can ward off any nasty germs.

Don’t let cold weather get you down this winter. Try to stay motivated with these tips!

winter motivation
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