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8 Most Effective Stability Ball Exercises to Perfect Your Body Shape

Published on November 19, 2015 12:00 AM EST
Stability Ball Exercises

Add fun to fitness and you’ll end up with a bouncy ball. No, not one of those small ones the kids love throwing in the toilet seat every time. I’m talking about the large ones you might have seen around the gym, which is another something kids love—well, at least everyone who is kid at heart.

8 Most Effective Stability Ball Exercises to Perfect Your Body Shape

I used to think exercise is the most boring and arduous thing to do, especially when you’re running on treadmills for hours, picking up weights, or doing squats or push-ups. Believe me, I was nowhere close to being motivated when it came to exercising. This was until I met the ball. They call it the stability ball. I call it the super-fun-ball-that’s-great-for-exercising. You can call it whatever you like.

Stability Ball Exercises

The stability ball is everything you need to craft the perfect routine for your body shape. So, without further ado, let’s acquaint you with the best bouncy ball routine designed to perfect your body shape.

Stability Ball Exercises

Push Up on A Ball


This exercise will require you to place you upper thighs on the ball while you hold yourself up with your palms flat on the floor (facing the floor). This is basically a push-up position except with a ball support under your legs. Start by lowering your upper body to the floor gently and then hold that position for 3 seconds. Then push up again so your elbows are vertical and your head is in line with your spine.

Overhead Squat


To add in a little bit of thigh and butt workout, you’re going to want a bouncy ball version of the squats. Grab your ball, raise it above your head, and stand in a squat position (with your feet hip-wide apart). Hold the ball straight up with your arms close to your ears. Keep the ball in position while you bend your knees and squat. Hold for 5 seconds, and then repeat the step.

Hamstring Curl


Lie on your back with your palms and arms straight on the floor beside your hips. Lift your legs and hips and place it on the ball. Note that only your hamstring muscle and below should be on the ball. With your legs, hips, and lower back lifted, slowly roll the ball towards your back until your heels are barely holding it. Keep this position for a few counts until you straighten your legs again. This is a perfect hip, thigh, and lower back exercise.

Ball Pass Cruncher


Here’s a cruncher exercise you’ll think is so simple at first, but once you get this in your routine you’ll realize it’s a lot more than just a “Ball Pass”. First, lie on your back with the ball, legs straight on the floor, holding the ball above you head. Slowly, lift your back along with your legs until you can “pass” the ball from your hand to between your shins. Lower yourself again, except this time with the ball between your legs. Lift again to pass the ball in your hands again. Repeat this 15 times.

Wall Crunch Twist


First sit on the ball with your feet you’re the floor facing a wall (only a few feet away from the wall). Now, lie on the ball with the middle of your back centered on the ball. Slowly take your feet up the wall until they are bent 90 degrees. Cross your hands on your chest, then slowly lift up and turn towards the right. Return to the center then twist up to the left. This is one rep.

Best Stability Ball Exercises

Lunges with a Ball


Add a little bit of leg work-out to your routine with lunges. While standing straight, place the ball behind you. Now place the top of your right foot on the ball and keep your left knee soft. Lift your arms up till shoulder length. Now reach forward so that right leg’s lower shin rolls onto the ball while you are slightly bent forward with your arms reaching out forward. Repeat this for the other leg.

Back Extensions


This looks like a fun exercise, but it can be quite challenging for the back and the upper body. With your toe holding you up (shoulder-width apart), lay your belling on the ball. Bring your arms in the front and make fists with thumbs pointing up. Slowly breath in and then while breathing out, raise your chest high up like a yoga cobra. You can do this while bringing the hands to the back of your head or wide out pointing to the sides. Hold for a few seconds then repeat. Do this rep at least 12-15 times.

Planks On a Ball


No routine is complete without full leg exercise. The planks are perfect for this purpose and ideal for doing with a ball. With the exercise ball under your belly, walk up with your hand until the arm are vertical (in a push-up position) and only the shins of your legs remain on the ball. Now, slowly lift one leg up, keeping it straight. Hold and then return to original position. Then lift the other leg and repeat. This is a perfect abs+legs workout. Complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps of these.

Stability Ball Exercises
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