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JoAnn Francis

With thirty five years of studying sociology while working behind the chair, JoAnn has been sharing and receiving advice on how to survive this wild and crazy and often times, messy thing we call “life”. With many wonderful women who have graced her styling chair, the majority of them are unaware of the many lessons they have taught her, and she warmly refers to them as her “Frientele”. For they may have come in as a client, but they left as a friend.A teacher at heart, JoAnn spent twenty years traveling North America on behalf of Redken Fifth Avenue, facilitating hair classes to raise the skill sets of hairdressers and improve their lives. All of the life lessons that have helped her raise a family, maintain a marriage, own, operate and close a salon are rich with information that can benefit many other people who are trying to discover their Interselves in a world gone mad.