Tasha Mayberry

Tasha Mayberry

Tasha is the owner of a web design/SEO, marketing & PR firm called Social Media 22, LLC. She specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses grow to the next level with unique concepts that bring the most ROI. She has worked with over 100 brands all through word of mouth referrals. Tasha is also the author of the book: “Dream Big, Achieve Bigger: 7 Steps to Attract Anything You Want” (hitting shelves in February 2016). The book shares her journey from a stagnant life of substance abuse, scraping a dollar to eat lunch from the dollar menu at McDonald’s or to get enough gas to get to pay day, having a poor credit score and living pay check to pay check, to NOW being drug-free for over a decade, owning a six figure self-made business, married to the love of her life and best friend, $20 - $30k consistently in the bank as savings, credit score over 700, baby on the way, and loving every minute of life no matter what comes her way.

Articles By Tasha Mayberry

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