How to Be More Positive: 9 Simple Steps

Stacey Hall

As far as I can tell, everyone wants to be positive and as optimistic a person as they can be.

The only problem is that most people have difficulty getting themselves out of low-vibration emotions and debilitating thoughts once they have slipped into them.

That’s where I was for a long time, and eventually, as a result, I attracted a long-term illness that kept me in bed for 90% of the time over a 2-year period.

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Being positive and the impact on your health

Did you know that scientific studies have measured the human body during times of wellness and illness?

They found that negative thoughts actually lower the body’s energy level to the same vibration as an illness.

This could explain why happy people tend to be healthier than people who dwell on negative thoughts.

Well, that described me fully.

I had been dwelling on negative thoughts for at least 3 years before my illness.

And it only got worse as my physical wellness became increasingly depleted.

At that point, I finally surrendered to the fact that all I could do was sleep and eat.

Then, I experienced my breakthrough towards being a positive person.

For years I had been eating poorly and sleeping less and less to ‘catch up’ with all the work I thought I had to complete and all the goals I felt I had to accomplish.

I truly believed that if I worked long days for a while, I would eventually catch up and have time to relax and breathe.

Of course, the truth is that the more activity we do, the more activities we generate – the more phone calls, meetings, emails, social media posts, tweets, etc.

Once I could no longer give any energy to the ‘work’ I thought was important, I discovered that life went on for others without me.

I was not indispensable after all.

When I stopped feeling that self-imposed pressure, I permitted myself to rest!

I nourished my body, spent time with my husband and my pups, exercised (slowly at first), read books purely for pleasure, and watch ‘The Ellen Show’ simply because she makes me laugh.

As I became more rested and nourished, I noticed how much happier and lighter I started feeling.

That was then I made a pact with myself that I would create a set of tools and resources to use daily to keep my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy as high as possible.

I call these tools and resources that help me be positive my ‘Energy Surges.’

By practicing these Energy Surges, my energy was quickly restored and then increased to a higher level than I had ever experienced.

Since then, I have taught these simple practices to thousands of people through my books, workshops, and presentations.

Now, it is my joy to share them with you here:

The 9 energy surges I use to be positive

Energy Surge #1: Scheduling For Success

The extent to which a goal can be fulfilled depends upon the amount of intention committed toward achieving that goal.

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An “intention” is the motivation and the commitment to achieve the goal.

Intention is the power directed into the fulfillment of the goal.

Intentions are the ‘why’ we schedule all the planned conversations, activities, meetings, and projects we create to achieve each one of our goals.

All those planned conversations, activities, meetings, and projects are intentional activities.

Each will have a ‘by when’ date attached to it!

A ‘by when’ date is when you want to complete this intentional activity to achieve the goal as quickly as possible.

It is much easier to have a positive outlook when our goals are being achieved!

Energy Surge #2: Do It Your Way Any Way You Can

I heard master motivator Zig Ziglar state this truth in the 1990s at an empowerment seminar, and it changed my life at that moment.

Up to that point, I was a perfectionist.

If I could not do something right the first time…I simply would not even attempt it.

Yet, upon hearing this amazing, transformative statement: “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly…the first time,” I had an epiphany.

I had been allowing myself to stay stuck in not knowing…rather than experimenting, playing, researching, or asking for help.

Anything that would help me to take the first step poorly on my way to perfecting my plan.

Now, I approach a new project or activity with a sense of play.

I am not afraid to ask for help from those who may have more experience in that area than I do.

It is much easier to have a positive outlook when we feel free to experiment and make mistakes as we learn!

Energy Surge #3: Tending To Your Goals Garden

Many historical figures have compared the development of a goal to nature’s life cycle.

The cycle is Seeding, Sprouting, Blooming, and Resting.

What I love about this concept is that it provides me with a consistent energy surge.

This a reminder that while I focus on achieving a goal – such as becoming a positive person, I will move through a cycle of discovery and growth.

It is much easier to have a positive outlook when we are not pushing the goal to bloom before it’s time!

Energy Surge #4: Surround Yourself with Positive People

It is challenging to remain positive when the people around us choose to focus on the negative.

If we are truly committed to being positive people, we must seek out and spend as much time as possible with positive people.

When I first became ill, I realized I had very few friends I considered positive people.

Because I was confined to my bed, it was easy to stop hanging out with them.

Fortunately, my husband always has a positive view of the world or can find humor in any situation.

I enjoy spending as much time as possible with him.

And, as I mentioned earlier when I was recuperating, I watched ‘The Ellen Show’ every day at 3:00 p.m. because I enjoyed her positivity and humor.

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When she interviews her guests, she asks questions that shine a positive light on them.

The music on her show is also upbeat.

For that hour, I was fully immersed in a positive experience.

As I started to feel better, I found a positive-thinking hair stylist, nail technician, massage therapist, doctor, etc.

I also started hanging out in positive-focused Facebook, Meetup, and Google groups.

It is much easier to be a positive person when there is no room for negative people in our life because we have an abundance of positive people who surround and support us.

Energy Surge #5: Read and Practice The 4 Agreements

be positive

In the book, The Four Agreements®, don Miguel Ruiz “reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.

Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements® offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.”*

I was so empowered by reading The Four Agreements® by Don Miguel Ruiz!

I chose to consciously practice each of the Agreements in every written and/or verbal conversation I had with others to create more harmonious relationships.

In doing so, I have a stronger and more loving relationship with myself, which creates a positive outlook on my life.

It is much easier to be a positive person when we are “impeccable with our word” (Agreement #1), we don’t make assumptions (Agreement #2), we don’t take things personally (Agreement #3), and we do our best in each moment (Agreement #4).

Energy Surge #6: Show Love and Appreciation to Others and Our Self

All too often, when we focus on what others have and do not, we fall into a state of negative thinking.

Comparison and desire can lead to frustration and envy.

At least, it did for me.

So, I no longer allow myself time to compare their ‘haves’ to my ‘don’t haves.’

Instead, I focus only on my ‘haves!’

The practice of acknowledging and appreciating what I already have brings me more of what I desire simply, easily, and with velocity.

This includes showing appreciation to the people in my life who engage in positive conversations with me and contribute to my well-being and prosperity.

The more I appreciate my own talents, gifts, and skills to myself, I leave no time for negative self-talk.

And, the more I express appreciation to the people in my life, the happier I am.

I can see a direct correlation to the increased appreciation I receive in return.

It is much easier to be a positive person when we are feeling appreciated.

Energy Surge #7: Release all ‘Shoulds’ and Obligations

Whenever I share this Energy Surge with others, they usually say, “Easier said than done.”

And, I agree.

Yet, the more I stop ‘shoulding’ on myself, the happier and more productive I become.

I remind myself that I always have a choice whether or not to do something.

Just because someone asks me to do it does not mean I must say ‘yes.’

I also remember that no one would want me to do something just because I feel ‘obligated’ to do it.

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So, unless I feel that I truly choose to accept someone’s request because it will make me happy if I do, then I won’t do it.

Instead, I say, “Thank you for asking. That does not work for me.”

To ensure I don’t feel guilty about my decision, I have created this personal affirmation:

“My body is a temple. I clear and clean my body, heart, and soul. I lovingly and willingly release all that no longer serves me positively and progressively.

Now, I attract inspiring, enjoyable people, places, and events into my life!

I trust that all of my needs are met as they arise constantly.

It is much easier to be a positive person when I keep my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘space’ clear and free of ‘shoulds.’

Energy Surge #8: Take Regular Rest Stops

As I explained above, the more I worked, the more tired I became, the more negative my outlook on life became, and the more unwell I became.

I now believe that taking regular rest stops – as little as even a minute – to catch my breath, eat something nourishing, chat with a friend, take a nap, and play with my dogs.

Doing these things in between my work-related activities helps me stay physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well.

It is much easier to be a positive person when we feel rested.

Energy Surge #9: Make the Best Feeling Choices

Most people become confused as soon as a decision or a choice arises they must make.

They stop to reflect on possible outcomes, yet the longer they dwell on their choices, the more confused they become.

The more confused they become, the lower their energy becomes.

To release themselves from their confusion, they start asking other people these 4 automatically disempowering words: “What Should I Do?

When we ask someone else to tell us what to do, we have abdicated our own power, inner–knowingness, and ultimate wisdom.

That is what I used to do all the time.

That is until the day I remembered most if not all, spiritual belief systems are based on the concept that the two most powerful energies are ‘love’ and ‘fear.’

Love is the harmonizing empowering force of nature, while fear is the exact opposite.

Fear generates anger, frustration, confusion, agitation, and dis-harmony.

Therefore, decisions made from Love will be quite different than those based on Fear.

You may wish to take a moment to consider a recent decision.

Did you base your decision on the principle of love, or was your decision generated from fear?

It is much easier to be a positive person when we feel our decisions are energizing and empowering and support us to take action from a sense of desire, passion, commitment, and/or intention.

*”From the book The Four Agreements ©1997, Miguel Angel Ruiz, M.D.

Reprinted with permission of Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 6657, San Rafael, CA 94903. All rights reserved.”

Stacey Hall
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