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Best Paying Side Jobs To Boost Your Annual Earnings [Infographic]

Published on October 13, 2015 12:00 AM EST
top paying side jobs

Not only are these side jobs useful and enjoyable; they can also pay handsomely. In some cases, side jobs can pay between $15 and $40 for an hour’s work, which for many employees represents a better wage than that provided by their full-time position. If you have the skills and motivation to take on such side jobs, you could soon make some of the easiest money of your life.

This infographic by All Finance Tax ( outlines some of the top-paying side jobs available to prospective candidates, with a guide to how flexible each position is. The most lucrative job featured is sign language interpreter – there is always a high demand for this role and, provided you have the qualifications to fulfil the role, you could stand to make a most rewarding $36.50 an hour. It’s a fantastic earner for you and it also comes with the immense satisfaction of providing a vital service to a person who needs it.

top paying side jobs

Another perpetual need is that for a cunning linguist with proficiency in a number of languages. Demand for interpreters will always be moderately high, and if you can combine being multi-linguistic with a strong knowledge of a certain niche, e.g. law, you could be the perfect person for a specialized bilingual assistant role. It’s a skill combination that not many will have, making it a potentially massive earner for somebody who can tick both boxes.

With our lives becoming increasingly defined by technology, there is no shortage of side jobs available for those with advanced IT skills and know-how. Software development pays a solid $30 an hour, in addition to being highly flexible, while online community management positions are also becoming more and more abundant.

Freelance roles for skills in grammar, number and graphics also continue to be sought after – examples include a freelance photographer, bookkeeper, proof-reader, copy editor and transcript processor. The vast majority of these side jobs are very flexible and give the worker plenty of scope to combine it to good effect with their full-time employment.

This graphic is sure to be very relevant to any website or company dedicated to careers and employment. It could also be quite useful for websites or companies based in the niches described in the graphic, such as languages, communications and skills to help the less abled. In fact, you could say that it would appeal to a broad audience purely in terms of the interest it might generate for those reading it. Who knows, one look at the graphic might convince you to take on a side job and make good money while also fulfilling a very useful service.

Top Paying Side Jobs To Boost Your Earning Potential


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