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100 Best Personal Finance Blogs (And Our Top 10 Favorites)

Published on December 3, 2019 8:12 AM EST
Best Personal Finance Blogs

Personal finance is a tricky subject. For some, it seems to come easily, but for others it seems as if creating a budget and becoming debt-free are all-but-impossible, let alone saving for retirement of your kid’s college education.

But don’t allow the constant negativity online to get you down–there are so many ways to achieve your financial goals, and so many resources that can help you get there.

Best Personal Finance Blogs

Thankfully, we live in a golden age of information, and there are plenty of blogs and informative sites throughout the internet that will not only help to educate yourself, but also to take control of your finances and put your mind towards your goals and dreams.

Whether you’re looking to get out of debt or you’re on the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur, our list of 100 best personal finance blogs will facilitate you towards achieving your dreams.

No matter where you are on your personal finance journey, these blogs will assist you in achieving all of your financial goals.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about personal finance but prefer to do so between the pages of a book, check out 10 Personal Finance Books for Your Money in 2019

The Best Personal Finance Blogs

100.) Financially Simple | Financial Education Blog

99.) MyAnmol

98.) Pennies for the Piggy Bank

97.) A Richer You

96.) Finance Girl | Julie Cheung

95.) BargainBriana | Frugal Living Without Sacrifice

94.) The Radical Personal Finance

93.) Common Sense With Money | Live Well For Less

92.) Rich Life Forever | Personal financial planning – GoodMoneying

91.) Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

90.) MoneyNuggets | Personal Finance Blog for Women

89.) Dividend Diplomats

88.) | Blog

87.) Broke Girl Rich

86.) PeerFinance101 | Joseph Hogue

85.) Canadian Budget Binder

84.) Frugal Living NW | Angela Davis | Personal Finance Budget Blog

83.) The Wealthy Accountant

82.) | Let’s talk about Money

81.) The Biglaw Investor | Personal Finance Lawyer’s Blog

80.) Fiscally Sound

79.) Coupon Cravings | Amazon Promo Code Site By Kate Sorensen

78.) Bargain Babe By Julia Scott

77.) Abandoned Cubicle

76.) DINKS Finance | A Personal Finance Blog By & For Couples

75.) Blogging Away Debt

74.) Financeclap

73.) Lazy Man And Money | Saving & Making You Money

72.) Money Ning Personal Finance Blog

71.) Everything Finance | Personal Finance Blog for 30 Somethings

70.) | Personal Finance Blog Singapore

69.) Len Penzo dot Com

68.) ProFinance Blog | Personal Finance & Money Management Tips

67.) Money With A Purpose

66.) Monevator | Retirement | London Personal Finance Blog

65.) Clever Dude | Personal Finance & Money

64.) Get Out of Debt Guy By Steve Rhode

63.) Ready To Be Rich By Fitz Villafuerte

62.) Semi-Retire Plan

61.) Boomer & Echo | Financial Freedom At Any Age

60.) Printable Coupons | Deal Seeking Mom

59.) Debt Discipline by Brian

58.) One Cent At A Time | A Personal Finance Blog

57.) Retire by 40 | Personal Finance Blog for 40 Somethings

56.) Next Gen Personal Finance

55.) ‘Cents’able Momma By Corrie

54.) Millionaire Mob

53.) Your Money Geek

52.) Crediful | Your Guide to Everything Personal Finance

51.) Moms Make Cents

50.) The Finance Buff By Harry Sit

49.) Seedtime | Christian Personal Finance

48.) Budgets Are Sexy | Millionaire Personal Finance Blog

47.) GrowthRapidly

46.) Wallet by BudgetBakers

45.) Mastering the Side Jam

44.) ReLakhs By Sreekanth

43.) MoneyHax | Tips to Help You Earn, Save, and Invest Extra Cash

42.) My Money Blog | Personal Finance and Investing Blog

41.) Three Thrifty Guys | Young Personal Finance Blog

40.) Money Excel | Personal Finance Investing Blog

39.) Man Vs. Debt

38.) Modest Money

37.) The Military Wallet | Military Personal Finance Blog | Ryan Guina

36.) Cash Money Life | Personal Finance Blog Journal

35.) PT Money | Personal Finance By Philip Taylor

34.) SavingAdvice | Personal Finance Blog

33.) Bible Money Matters | Personal Finance Review Blog

32.) BasuNivesh | Personal Finance Blog

31.) 20 Something Finance Blog

30.) MoneySense | Canada’s Personal Finance Website

29.) MyWifeQuitHerJob Blog | Steve & Jennifer

28.) Wallet Hacks

27.) Making Sense Of Cents By Michelle Schroeder | Christian Personal Finance Blog

26.) Good Financial Cents Blog | Jeff Rose | Expert Personal Finance Blog

25.) The Dough Roller | Personal Finance Management Blog

24.) Financial Samurai | Indy Personal Finance Blog

23.) The College Investor Blog | Millenial Personal Finance Blog

22.) Mr. Money Mustache

21.) Squared Away Blog By Kimberly Blanton | Personal Finance Blog Education

20.) Quick And Dirty Tips | Money and Finance Blog

19.) Financial Post | Toronto Personal Finance Blog


17.) Money Crashers | Personal Finance Blog & Guide to Financial Fitness

16.) The Krazy Coupon Lady By Heather & Joanie

15.) The Dave Ramsey Show

14.) Paisabazaar | Paisa Blog

13.) Personal Finance Blog Reddit

12.) Europe Personal Finance Blog | Reddit

11.) NerdWallet | Advanced Personal Finance Blog

Our Top 10 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

10.) Think, Save, Retire

Steve Adcock and his wife Courtney founded this incredible site with a dream to retire early from their IT jobs, and in December of 2016, they did!

Follow along with their journey on this site and learn from all of their ups and downs, along with tons of other posts. Though the site was sold a few years ago, Steve still contributes his wisdom and financial advice to the site regularly.

The principles of early retirement are easy, but in practice they are much harder. Saving, spending less, avoiding debt, and investing are all goals that many of us have and we would do well to learn from someone who has been in the trenches and has come out successful in the end.

In his own words, Steve says, “While I don’t consider myself an expert on personal finance, I do come at this from a solid foundation of exploiting money and making it work for you. I’ve done it. And, I’m offering my wisdom to anyone who wants to read it.”

You won’t regret checking out this incredible site, with just about everything you could need when it comes to educating yourself about personal finance.

9.) Wise Bread | Personal Finance Frugal Blog

Sometimes you need more than one perspective when it comes to matters of personal finance–what works for one person may not work for you as well. That’s where Wise Bread excels. Curated by a team of bloggers, this great personal finance blog has a focus on frugality, and they want to help you get the most for your money.

This blog is an active one, with about three new posts per week that focus primarily on getting the best rewards and cash back on your credit cards. One of the main tenets of Wise Bread is helping you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to credit cards, and there’s a ton of educational info to help enlighten yourself on the subject. 

There’s also a wealth of other information on the site, with topics covering everything from budgeting, insurance, investing, real estate, and more. No matter what types of information you’re seeking out, you’ll be sure to find relevant and informative advice from this team of bloggers.

Check out Wise Bread for the latest and most thorough information on credit cards, investing, and more.

8.) Get Rich Slowly

J.D. Roth founded Get Rich Slowly back in 2006, and though many things have changed in the financial market since then, his advice has continued to stay sound. This personal finance blog is mostly focused on debt-reduction and investing information, but it will provide a wealth of information for just about every person working on their finances. 

Much of J.D.’s experience comes from the school of hard knocks–back in 2004, he was about $35,000 in debt and came up with a plan of action to change his financial situation. In 2007, he was able to finish paying off his debt and decided to share his savings and investment tips with the world, since they worked so well for him.

One of the best things about this site is its focus on realism and helpful tips–not just general advice. For founder J.D. Roth, this blog has been a labor of love, and he hopes that readers will be able to turn that advice into action that will lead to financial independence.

Whether you’re in debt or not, you can benefit profoundly from the advice that you’ll find on this personal finance blog. If you’re interested in turning your financial situation around, this blog is a must-read. 

7.) Money Talks News By Stacy Johnson 

If you’re looking for a personal finance blog that’s a great mix of financial news and advice, you cannot miss out on Money Talks News.

For over 25 years, Money Talks News has been helping everyday people to not only become more financially-savvy, but also to educate themselves in a way that isn’t dry and boring. In their own words, “Achieving financial freedom is an exciting goal. The news and advice that can help you get there should be as well.  The world doesn’t need another dry, wordy source for money-related news.”

Not only does this site offer information-rich posts and articles, there are also a ton of incredible helpful videos that will help you to not only keep up-to-date on the latest financial news, but it will also help you to improve your own financial state. With over 600,000 email subscribers, it’s safe to say that many people have benefitted from this wealth of information already. 

If you’re looking for a great source of information and news, the Money Talks News site is one of the best options out there.

6.) I Will Teach You To Be Rich Blog

Ramit Sethi has had a long history in learning how to create an abundant life–after putting together a program to apply to over 60 scholarships, he was able to raise enough money to pay his way through Stanford, but promptly lost it in the stock market due to his own limited understanding of the market.

This paved the way for Ramit to scrape his way from a dorm room to the top of the New York Times bestseller list–he was determined to learn how to manage his money and live an abundant life.

One of the great things about the I Will Teach You to Be Rich blog is that is very down-to-earth–Ramit doesn’t advise people to forgo $3 lattes in order to scrounge for savings. Instead, his financial attitude is a bit different than most of the others on this list, advising instead to use psychology to say “yes” to financial decisions instead of saving and scrimping every single penny.

If you’re looking for a personal finance blog that has great and actionable advice, you’ll love the I Will Teach You To Be Rich blog. Updated about once a week with Ramit’s latest advice and tips, this is one of the top blogs on the internet for not only learning to control your finances, but also for learning how to live your best possible life.

5.) Millennial Money

Let’s face it–the millennial generation has not been portrayed as being great at money management, but Millennial Money hopes to change that.

Its founder, Grant Sabatier, was able to not only double his income in only one year, he was then able to start his own consulting company and begin to invest his income in his future. It paid off, as Grant says he was able to become a millionaire and reach full financial independence by the age of thirty, and his blog is all about sharing those personal finance tips and advice with his readers who might be hoping to do something similar.

As he says on the site, “My passion is connecting and helping as many people as possible make smarter financial decisions, build more successful companies, reach financial independence, and live richer lives.” His site is especially helpful to budding entrepreneurs who are looking to change their lives with hard work and a little bit of luck.

With over 10 million readers since the blog was first begun in 2015, it’s safe to say that Millennial Money is one of the best sources on the web for millennials looking to level up their personal finance game. If you’re hoping to truly change your financial situation for the better with a few years of hard work, there’s really no better resource to begin learning than Millennial Money. 

4.) Penny Pinchin Mom | Personal Finance Debt Blog

Another great personal finance blog that’s aimed primarily at moms and those who are trying to take care of their families while balancing their finances is the Penny Pinchin Mom.

Started in 2009 as a way to share coupons and deals, Penny Pinchin Mom has grown in both its readership and its content, as founder Tracie Forbes shares her own tips on how to get out of debt. Her story has been featured on Good Morning America as well as in The New York Times, USNews, and WorldReport for her universal money-saving tips and her finger on the pulse of the best deals and coupons that can be found on the internet.

Tracie is passionate about helping others to live their best financially-sound lives and loves to help people get out of debt. As she says on her site, “I love helping people find ways to save money, sweep up their financial lives, and get out of debt.”

Whether you’re a homemaker or not, the tips on this site can be incredibly helpful whether you’re just learning the basics of personal finance or you’ve been at it for a long time. 

3.) Money Saving Mom 

Money Saving Mom was just a thought, when the blog’s owner, Crystal Paine, wrote a small article on her frugal grocery budget and was inundated with questions about how she made that little money work for her family.

From there, after writing a course and many tips, readers were still asking questions, so in 2008, the blog Money Saving Mom was born. Since then, the blog has only continued to grow, offering personal finance tips as well as frugal advice to families out there who need it. 

Money Saving Mom is a personal finance blog primarily aimed at moms and those intending to support a family on a lower budget, but just about everyone will benefit from the advice that Crystal has to give, from single people to elderly alike.

With almost 1 million Facebook followers and three books written and published about personal finance, it’s safe to say that Money Saving Mom has become an authority on personal finance throughout the web.

Best of all, the blog is updated very regularly, so if you need the latest tips, coupons, and deals, this is the place to be. If your primary focus is saving money to support your family, you won’t regret checking out this information-filled blog.

2.) Mint Personal Finance Advice Blog

Mint is well-known across the web as a great app and web tool that was created to help you budget your finances–at the end of each month, it produces a report that shows what categories you spent the most money in, as well as many other tools. 

Additionally, Mint has a personal finance blog that is one of the top authorities on the web for advice on money-saving and freeing yourself from the constraints of debt.

This blog is among one of the most trusted personal finance authorities on the web, with tons of personalized tips and advice to help you take control over your own finances. Mint’s financial experts carefully curate the content that can help everyone learn the fundamentals of personal finance, new or old. 

Not only do they target personal finance newbies who’d like to learn the basics of budgeting and saving, Mint’s Personal Finance Blog is full of great information for everyone, from newbies to financial gurus alike.

When used in conjunction with their app, this personal finance blog is one of the best free blogs you’ll find on the internet today. They post frequently (around once per day), so check it out to see their newest advice and information.

1.) The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance blogs on the web–with over 12 million monthly readers and 6.9 million followers on Facebook, this blog will provide you with everything you need to take the reins on your finances, start saving for retirement, or working your way out of debt.

As they say on their site, “The Penny Hoarder envisions a world where there is less money stress. The Penny Hoarder’s mission is to empower people to make smart choices with their money.”

Founded in 2010, The Penny Hoarder has been ranked on the Inc 500/5000 as the fastest-growing private media company in the US for three years running–a prestigious honor for a personal finance blog.

Other than these accolades, The Penny Hoarder is a great place for all types of financial advice, with topics from saving for retirement (no matter your age) to advice on buying a home or doing your taxes.

Articles are separated by category, which makes it easy to choose which type of information you’re looking for, and updated as regularly as four times as day, so you’ll always be able to find the latest information.

This site is perfect for those who are new to personal finance or for those who have been at it a long time–no matter who you are, The Penny Hoarder will have just the advice that you need. 

Take Charge of Your Personal Finances Today

No matter what stage you are at in your own personal finance journey, there are always new and interesting things to learn from both the experiences of others as well as the advice of experts. 

Thankfully, there are a ton of resources online that will enable you to take the reins of your finances and achieve your financial goals once and for all. 

If you need any assistance along the way towards financial freedom or just towards living a more frugal lifestyle, any one of these blogs will be a perfect fit for your own lifestyle and financial goals.

Whether you’d like to learn how to pinch your pennies with The Penny Hoarder or figure out actionable and abundant ways out of debt with I Will Teach You to Be Rich, there are always great resources to help you out.

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