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Make An Impact – Motivational Video (Ft. Jeff Moore)

Published on September 21, 2016 12:00 AM EST
motivational blog

Success and greatness take time.

It takes time for you to go all 12 rounds necessary to break through to that next level, because it isn’t about what you want – it’s about what SACRIFICES you are going to make to attain your greatness.

Are you going to quit along the way?
Will you wrestle with an alligator?
Tussle with a whale?
Will you handcuff lighting and throw thunder in jail?

motivational blog

Will you show the Universe and Life how BAD you want what you are to become?

Because those who have to FIGHT for it, those who have to make it because they don’t have any other option, they KEEP GOING. THOSE are the people you want to emulate.

They’re the best of the best.

For those mornings you need a little more than the voice in your head, tap into your EVERYDAY POWER with a boost from this inspirational video!

Like those seeking and becoming Navy SEALs, they know that they have no other choice, that they MUST endure the hottest possible fire, because it will forge them into the highest purity of themselves.

This makes it impossible to give up.
This makes your focus steadfast on the task on hand no matter what happens.

It’s Impossible NOT To Make an Impact

This makes it INEVITABLE that you will make an impact, because you understand that it takes time, it takes focus, it takes failure along the way.

Sacrifices are made to get to where you want to be, because the easy road is not the road you want.

The long, twisting difficult road is the one you seek, because you know that it isn’t the destination that will make you great, but who you become along the way that will make you great. You envision the reality you desire, and you do what is necessary EVERYDAY to make that vision more of a reality.

Every morning you get up, and it’s in your head until the time you sleep, that you ARE on the way to your greatness, to making an impact on the world by sharing your gifts with the world.

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