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Busy Ladies – Juggling Your Business Life and Household Chores

Published on May 7, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Being a mom and a wife is one wonderful and joyous thing. However, if you do actually love your job and you are pretty successful doing it, you have to learn how to juggle between the business and chores and spend time with family. Since I have to deal with the same challenge, I would like to share some useful tips to help you.


Create Some Boundaries


Due to highly developed technology, we are available everywhere at any time. Children are always free to text and call us at work, and the people we work with can do the same when we’re spending time with family. This easy access can be a plus in some emergency situations, but feel free to limit that access. Set the boundaries and let everybody know when is your time for chores and family, and when for work.

Also, you can work out a routine with your children and make everything much easier to be done. Get up at the same time every day, eat together and set up some rules and routines for doing the work around the house.


Stop Feeling Guilty


If you sometimes choose your work over your chores or house, do not let the guilt eat you on the inside. I worked really hard to build my career and some people judged me when I came back to work soon after giving birth, but you cannot let them spoil your thinking. If you constantly feel guilty for not being at home when at work and vice versa, it will greatly affect both your productivity and your role as a parent.

stop feeling guilty


With guilt, you will lose your focus on both sides of your life, and everything could start falling apart. Be proud of who you are, and a working successful mother is only a sign of great multitasking skills and courage.


Rethink the Chores and Share Them


If you skip making the bed one morning it is not a big deal. Learn to prioritize the chores and always take care of the essential things first. Sometimes it is physically not possible to do all the work on your own.

When I was most desperate about juggling between work and chores, I whined about it to my best friend and she simply told me to hire cleaners to do the work. I didn’t exactly like that idea, but once I consulted with one of the best cleaning companies, I knew what I had to do. Friends from Pristine Home told me that I just have to share the chores with family and always avoid making clutter in order to save up some time. So, to avoid breaking your neck over the chores, try involving your whole family to share all that cleaning with you.


Keep a Strict Schedule


Plan ahead and schedule the time which will be specifically for your family, the time just for your work, and the time reserved only for chores. Family and work schedules can be planned on a daily or weekly basis, but when it comes to chores you have to think big. Set a date for each big chore you plan on doing, without any excuses.


keep busy


For example, on the 4th day of a month I scrub the bathroom, 15th is always for major work around the kitchen and every Sunday morning my family and I do smaller chores such as vacuuming, dusting and laundry. If you all stick to this schedule, you will always know how to better organize your time related to business and the fun family nights and trips.


Manage your Stress


No matter how much you love your job and family, you need to have some “me-time” so you would not go crazy. Whenever you are stressed and too tired for anything, lock yourself in the bathroom and take a long relaxing bath. However, sometimes, when the work is just getting on your nerves, a little scrubbing, cleaning and ironing (while watching your favourite show) can help you blow off some steam. For the sake of your health, learn how to relax and sometimes forget about everything.

I strongly recommend to all of you working mothers and wives to take some of my advice. It will take some time to get used to all that organizing, but once you master it nothing will stand in your way of being a superwoman.

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