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Why Christmas Time Is Actually the Right Time to Buy Things for Yourself

Published on December 15, 2015 12:00 AM EST
buy yourself a gift

Why Christmas Time Is Actually the Right Time to Buy Things for Yourself

The weeks leading up to Christmas are often spent buying gifts for people. Most gift buyers do not think about buying themselves gifts, because it is the season of giving.

While this is a selfless thing to do and good for the spirit, there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy yourself something. You buy things for the people you love, and you are one of those people. The following are some of the best Christmas presents you can buy for yourself.

buy yourself a gift

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Why Christmas Time Is Actually the Right Time to Buy Things for Yourself

Massage Gift Card

After the holiday season, you will likely be filled with happiness, but exhausted. Take some time away from your life and get a massage. Instead of just telling yourself you’ll get one, go ahead and buy yourself a gift card because you’ll be more likely to use it.


What better time to have a shopping spree than during Christmas? You’re supposed to spend money anyway. Buy some new clothes for your wardrobe, so you can step into the New Year in style.


We all want to be productive in the New Year, so Christmas is the perfect time to buy a tech device that will enable you to do that. It might be a new smartphone, tablet, or even computer. You will be all giddy on Christmas morning when you get to set up your new vehicle to success.

Kitchen Supplies

If you love to cook, this is your chance to get all of those cool gadgets you’ve always thought would be fun to use. Buy yourself some new toys for the kitchen, and you can test them out on your Christmas dinner.


Most people don’t take as many vacations as they should. Life is about living, and you can’t do that if you’re always working. Consider scheduling a vacation in the early spring. You’ll love to think of warmer times as you’re deciding where to go.

explore and travel the world

Pampering Items

You may not have time to visit the spa as often as you would like, but you do have time to do it at home. Buy some bath salts, candles, and other items you would like to have for a spa at home. You will be glad you did when you can think, “I think I’ll go relax in the tub for a few minutes.”

Gym Membership

If you don’t already have one, this is a great gift to yourself. You’ll be much more motivated to go if you know you’ve spent money on it. Get the New Year started off right with more exercise for a healthier new you.

Cleaning Service

How many of you wish your house would clean itself? Well, the technology isn’t out yet for that, but there are cleaning services you can use. Sure, you may feel guilty investing in it other times of the year, but how many of you would turn down a cleaning service if a friend bought it for you? Be a friend to yourself.


Yes, you read that correctly – a car. Why? Because if you even considered it for a minute, you probably should do it. You work hard every single day, and you deserve nice things for it. A car is the perfect Christmas gift to yourself. Imagine how happy you’ll be Christmas morning when you get to say that you got a car from Santa!


Again, yes, you read that correctly – a house. Why? It’s a good investment. If you’re looking to invest your money better, a house is a great choice. Christmas is the best time of year to purchase one because the housing market has died down, so prices have gone down. You can get an even better deal when you buy a house from an auction. Some people have been able to walk away with a house several thousands of dollars below value, which means equity is established right away.

Controlled Splurging Keeps You Modest

You may feel guilty buying something for yourself when you should be buying gifts for others during the Christmas season, but don’t let it get you down too much. You aren’t being selfish buying gifts for yourself. As long as you are still buying presents for others and thinking of them, there’s nothing wrong with thinking of yourself as well. It’s the people who only buy gifts for themselves that are the selfish ones.

So head out and have some fun this Christmas season – we have now given you permission to buy yourself the things you really want!

buy yourself a gift
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