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Decluttering Guide: An Environment Of Productivity

Published on December 20, 2013 11:00 AM EST

Remember the last time you were frantically looking for your car keys in the living room or the electricity bill in your office? Are you never able to find anything in your home? The reason for that may lie in something called clutter; clutter is the arch-enemy of tidiness and organization that somehow creeps up on every single one of us.

Clutter also stands for all the things in your life that you don’t need, you stopped using ages ago or the things that don’t matter to you anymore. But even if we are aware of all these things and the existence of clutter in our lives, we are still susceptible to accumulating so much junk in our homes, workplace, and even our cars. It is true that people nowadays are too busy to clean all the time, but many of us never really clean. Moreover, many people buy college essays online simply because they have no time to finish important assignments. That little piece of paper you just threw into the garbage doesn’t count as cleaning. Therefore, let’s go through some tips and tricks you can use to declutter your living space and retain it clutterless in the future.


Take Baby Steps

Decluttering can be an overwhelming job for everyone who hasn’t been doing it regularly. It is a big job that is time-consuming and most definitely won’t happen overnight. So, it is important to take baby steps at the very beginning in order to not discourage yourself and give up even before you have started.

What you need to do before the actual decluttering is come up with a cleaning plan. This plan might include the following tasks:

• Determine an area of the house where you’ll start decluttering
• Prepare large boxes and garage bags where you will store all the things you want to get rid of or donate to charity
• Add more tasks to your decluttering list as you go on with the process, this way you will do even more work than expected
• Cross off tasks on the list as you go; this will help you keep track of what you have completed and what needs to be done
• Create a set of questions that will help you determine whether you need something or not

Establish The Goal

The primary goal of decluttering should be a living space that is clean and clutterless. Therefore, you can try to spend at least 30 minutes a day tackling one particular area in your home; and don’t even think of cleaning the entire place all in one day. Cleaning and decluttering should be thorough so make sure to avoid surface-level decluttering. Next thing you should try is, for example, finding each day at least ten things that you should get rid of. Over the course of the next 40 days, that will make 400 things that you don’t need, so this way your home will always stay clean and clutterless.

If this plan doesn’t work for you, then try merely cleaning one room at a time, at least once a month. In the beginning, it will take you much longer to clean a single room, but once you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, it will be much easier to maintain the cleanliness of your home, workplace or even the car.

Establish A System

You need to approach decluttering strategically if you’re planning to get rid of the heap of junk in your home. So, establishing a decluttering system will definitely help you complete the cleaning process faster and more efficiently. Take our Four-box system as an example; make sure to use boxes with following labels:

• Keep: in this box, you will place the things that you want to keep, and you find necessary; they also need to meet the following criteria: you use those things regularly, you like them (and wear them), and these things have a place and purpose in your home
• Put Back/Return: in this box, you will place all the things in your house that are misplaced; for example, the electricity bill shouldn’t be in the kitchen, and the screwdriver shouldn’t be in your bedroom
• Give Away: this box should be filled with all the things that you don’t need or use but are in good condition; you can either sell these things at a garage sale and Craigslist or donate to a local charity
• Trash: this box should contain the things that serve no purpose in your life, aren’t useful anymore or can’t be recycled

Avoid Cluttering Again; Maintain The Control

Now that your home is under control, it is time to keep it this way in the future. Decluttering is not only about getting rid of stuff but also about getting rid of all the ugly habits that lead to clutter in the first place. So, after cleaning your living space, make sure to think about all the things that make you clutter and not clean. Also, try to establish a ‘cleaning day’ once a month that you will follow; this way you can be sure to maintain the home under control once and for all. Decluttering, therefore, is all about cleaning the house but also your mind and soul.

Why Is Decluttering Beneficial?

The piles of junk in our living space only bring stress to our lives; the stuffed basement, crowded garage and overflowing closets have never made for a healthy and productive environment. That is why uncluttered living space can bring a number of positive changes to the way we live.

Here is a list of the reasons decluttering can benefit you:

• Uncluttered living space can help you stay concentrated for a long time
• It will make you feel more creative and productive
• You will improve the quality of your sleep
• Uncluttered living space can be responsible for uplifting mood and the overall increase in happiness and fulfillment
• Decluttering is liberating; it helps you get rid of the past
• A clean and organized place will help you stay focused on your goals and the things that matter
Once you declutter, you will have time to focus on new hobbies, like writing; in this case
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• Decluttering is energizing and reduces anxiety
Decluttering will help you stay active and improve the immune system by getting rid of

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