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Destiny – Motivational Video

Published on May 20, 2015 12:00 AM EST
motivational video

What if you believed that you were born for a positive purpose, born to make a real difference in this world, born to discover and then live out a destiny designed to make you a force for good? If you believed that, what course of action would you start to make today? Would you go back to school? Change careers? Serve others? Admit you have a passion that can no longer be ignored?  The deep-down truth is that your soul yearns to expand and constantly pushes against your self-imposed limits. It speaks to you constantly whether you are miserable or exhilarated in the hope of propelling you toward the destiny you were meant to fulfill—if only you would believe it and take action.


motivational video

Watch this video and notice those moments when you are deeply moved, when your heart skips a beat seeing others defy obstacles to achieve a dream or overcome hatred and fear– for those moments are the call of your spirit beckoning you to stop making excuses and create the life you were meant to live. Are you disheartened by personal losses or setbacks?Do you sometimes feel “Why bother?” Understand that setbacks are the very impetus you may need to stand up for yourself and say “Enough! I am capable of so much more and my dreams can become my reality.”


When you take on that challenge a magical thing happens: you will receive help and guidance along the way. And you will eventually realize that you have had a co-author to your life, that you were never alone. You still may struggle at times—nothing worthwhile comes easily—but if you set loose your spirit and your intention is steadfastly to the good you will step into a river of energy filled with higher-level consciousness. Virtues such as optimism, determination, resilience, compassion, gratitude, peace, and joy will carry you along a powerful current of energy because you will be doing what your soul has always known it must do. And you will finally believe “I am unstoppable.”


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