How To Stay Positive and Develop Your Personal Power

In theory, the ability to dig deep for personal power whenever you are in need of it would seem an easy task.

However, with the ebb and flow of energy within your body, your power system can be hacked, causing you to lose the needed power to do so.

The transformational journeys that one person can take is powered by specific sources of energy, that lie with us all and makes up our personal power grid.

One that we use 24/7 whether we realize it or not.

By learning the mechanics of that subtle energy that flows through and around you, you can become better equipped to re-balance your personal power sources when they are hacked from power-trips (interference), and/or re-energize them with balancing powerful, power-ships (harmony).

Gain a further understanding and more perspective on how all our personal power systems co-exist today, and how to better navigate our daily lives while at home, at work, or during play.

As you move forward, here are several perspectives that can help you in keeping your positive outlook as bright as possible as you shape and pave your journey.

How To Stay Positive and Develop Personal Power

We All Start at the Very Same Point

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With today’s marketing strategies demanding a full social media presence, it can be intimidating to those who have no business presence outside of their personal accounts for which to build upon.

With social media being many things to many people, even those personal accounts may not be the right fit to build a new presence.

When you are starting fresh out of the gate with a minimal business platform established or not, mastering the social media part of the plan can seem to be a daunting task.

Experts suggest for optimum presence, you should have a minimum of THREE social media avenues to reach your potential market, and to keep them connected.

As a side note, if you were born before 1990, calling this type of business building a daunting task is an understatement, because we were raised on the old fashion form of networking.

Outside of print media, we socialized with other businesses, or face to face at special events designed specifically for networking.

Now, a few decades later, its primarily done via Facebook, Twitter and other media sites that don’t even require you to leave your home, let alone an office.

For those of us who started business before the launch of social media, learning your way around can be tricky.

So find a business buddy that has mastered that platform and ask for some quick tips to get yourself started.

Most people are very generous with their advice because they too, started somewhere.

The opportunity to write this article almost didn’t happen because of my newborn social media presence, because at first, I didn’t think I had enough of a presence to be considered worthy.

At least not yet!

And it only took me a minute to remember, we must start somewhere.

Oh sure, there are those who were in the right place and the right time.

But for the rest of us, just remember, it only takes ONE Tweet, one post, or one meme to get you started.

From there, it gets easier.

Find the groups and people who want to hear what it is your saying or selling, and start replying with positivity when you see something you like.

It’s YOUR beginning to help develop your personal power.

Let the joy of beginning shine through your posts, tweets, and other forms of media coverage.

Just start.

The rest will follow as you feed and nurture that new online presence.

Don’t let the intimidation of starting from scratch stop you from starting!

Stay True to You

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As I said in the beginning of this article, getting the idea itself can be the easiest part for most and I am NO exception to that rule.

I found this out when I began my search for the best platform for, “Your Interself”.

As I began researching and studying the many methods of how to get my ideas, messages, and thoughts out there to the world, I tried out the obvious ones first to see if I fit that platform.

Having spent a lot of money on a few previous ideas, I wanted to explore my options with what equipment I had at hand and began trying a few of the obvious methods.

With that flashing red light beckoning me, I first tried podcasting to see how I sounded.

After spending several days of practicing the skill of talking blankly into a microphone, it became obvious to me that I should move onto another format.

I went in search of v-logging How-To’s.

After applying the same due diligence and hearing the mantras of success once again “…your pitch should be this” … “you must have this in place before you begin” …“to be a successful at this, you must jump through these hoops…”.

I started feeling that I was being shoved into a box.

I feel forced to act a certain way, to speak in a certain tone, and look a certain way.

This was a little discouraging as I kept trying the different ways.

When we are discouraged enough, the self-doubt begins, and we start doubting ourselves and our idea.

Don’t let yourself jump down the rabbit hole of self-sabotaging thoughts or let silly things distract you from the job at hand.

Make sure that you stay true to who you are, keep looking, learn more about yourself in the process and hold on until you find best format.

Remember these tips when you trying them on:

  • Acknowledge what feels right
  • Recognize what feels wrong and
  • Discern the differences between the two
  • Do not give up until you find that the right fit, your success and your happiness will be the reward for doing so.

Sharing with Your Family and Friends

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of getting an idea off the ground is sharing your many ideas and thoughts with the people who surround you.

Although most of the feedback, comments, and even some of their questions are all coming from a good place of love and/or support, some of what comes out of their mouths can come across as an instant zap to your personal power grid.

As I was throwing around a few of the ideas with a dear friend, she asked what was going on with it and as I started to answer her, “I was thinking to hold my first webinar before the holiday season…” she cut me off by stating, “well, you had better get your rear in gear!

That’s only six weeks away“.

Well, that my friends are what I call a conversation stopper.

It puts this odd sense of judgment on to what it was I was suggesting, and since no recovery was in sight for either of us, it became easier to just shut it down and change to the weather.

You can avoid these zaps on your personal power grid by taking what it is they are saying as just that.

It’s their laying their own personal expectations and other such issues onto your dream.

Don’t let it happen.

Remember that they probably don’t even realize what they are doing.

If you feel the relationship is of the means, then gently tell them that is how the conversation came to an end.

An About Face is About Time

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Change is all about time.

We live our lives by the simplicity of it, don’t we?

Nothing changes it.

It’s one of those universal laws that is unwavering because no one can stop it or make it speed up.

And it’s the latter that can be the hardest to live by when you are relying on a 24/7 direct feed of the excitement necessary to fuel your dream in its earliest stages.

As you work through those time zones of, “hurry it up and then wait”, or “the office is now closed until Monday”, those stretches of time are a true test of patience and can suck the excitement right out of you.

It’s adding unseen weight to the wait and you can avoid gaining that energy sucking weight, by developing an easy skill set.

In my teaching days, we called this skill set, “changing the state of the room”.

If our scanning the room had our seeing people falling asleep or looking confused, we knew we had to alter that immediately by creating some form of instant change.

So, when your change is an about face to what it is you’ve been doing all your life, embrace the processing time that is included in it.

Use the of plans actions to properly process all the information that has been and is coming at you.

We can make decisions so quickly and decisively that we don’t even remember the moment’s leading up to them, let alone the ones surrounding them.

Take the time to enjoy the time.

It’s a fleeting thing, this 24/7 life we live.

With thirty five years of studying sociology while working behind the chair, JoAnn has been sharing and receiving advice on how to survive this wild and crazy and often times, messy thing we call “life”. With many wonderful women who have graced her styling chair, the majority of them are unaware of the many lessons they have taught her, and she warmly refers to them as her “Frientele”. For they may have come in as a client, but they left as a friend.A teacher at heart, JoAnn spent twenty years traveling North America on behalf of Redken Fifth Avenue, facilitating hair classes to raise the skill sets of hairdressers and improve their lives. All of the life lessons that have helped her raise a family, maintain a marriage, own, operate and close a salon are rich with information that can benefit many other people who are trying to discover their Interselves in a world gone mad.
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