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Don’t Know What To Do With Your Career and Life? Start with Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Published on January 23, 2016 12:00 AM EST
Don't Know What To Do With Your Career and Life?

In today’s world many people, especially millennials, are running around doing what is expected of them and trying their best to survive, much less be happy. Unfortunately it is the exception, not the rule when people are living a life they are truly happy with through and through.

Living a life of fulfillment and happiness

Living a life of fulfillment and happiness is something we should all strive for, but often we don’t know how, especially if you’re younger and searching for answers. So many clients that I have worked with feel like they were stuck at dead end situations and unfulfilling jobs. They felt as though they were living life on a hamster wheel going through the motions with no clue how to get off.

Don't Know What To Do With Your Career and Life?

What is my life’s purpose?

Once they began the work required to change course, they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and totally transform their lives. They did that by understanding what a Life Purpose is. One client in particular really stands out.  She had spent her entire career climbing the corporate ladder to prove her worth and make a name for herself in her corporation.  She was very successful and had made great progress from a professional standpoint, but she wasn’t happy. She felt like at age 29, she was in too deep to make a switch.

When you’re not happy

After she and I spent some time together she began to realize she wasn’t happy because she wasn’t really doing what she wanted to do.  She was doing what she thought she had to be doing based on the expectations that society had placed on her. She didn’t know what a life purpose was and she had no idea where to begin to figure out what her purpose was.

Ask simple questions

She followed this simple algorithm I put together on discovering your life purpose and boy did her life ever change.  Within a year she fully transitioned out of her corporate job and started designing a thriving business of her own that she loved and allowed her to utilize her true talents for exactly what it is she came here to do.

A negative self image

Another example is a client that could barely find a job, and was certainly not having success finding a job she liked.  She didn’t think she had any special talents and she was so desperate for a paycheck to cover her bills and to pay her student loans that she took whatever job she could find.

Develop a vision

When we started working together she saw no end in sight.  Then she very quickly gained clarity on her life purpose, changed her attitude and outlook and within six months she was offered a promotion in a different division of her current job and guess what… Her new job was totally in line with her life purpose and she has never been happier. Not only is she super fulfilled at work, but she says everything she has learned has parleyed into all aspects of her life. Even her dating life is thriving more then it ever has.

Look within

The beautiful thing is your life purpose isn’t something you create; it’s already within you.  You simply just need to be still and quite enough to hear it. Most people think if they are past the age of 27, it’s too late to start over. I am here to tell you nothing is further from the truth and you are exactly right where you need to be.

Failure is the most important feedback

Consider every “failure” and every wrong turn, or screwed up decision, a synchronistic step to get you here to this article so you can figure out exactly what your life purpose is and begin to live a life that is filled with happiness and joy. Today is the perfect day to find you purpose and discover your ultimate talents in life! That is the perfect day to start living a life of happiness.

If you want to discover your purpose and talents, here is what you do:

It’s actually really simple.  The first step is acknowledging that you want and are now choosing to live a life of happiness and freedom and then start asking for help.

You ask your higher self, God, the universe, or whatever it is you believe in to show you how you can align yourself with your higher purpose.

Write down these 5 questions:

      What do I love to do?

      What brings me joy?

      What comes naturally to me?

      When am I my happiest?

      What would I be doing if money was no object?

Spend about 15-20 minutes answering the questions and really just allowing yourself to go into a state of stream-consciousness free writing.  Allow whatever wants to come out onto the paper to come out whether it makes sense or not.

Then commit to starting your day reading the questions and sitting in stillness and listening for more in depth answers every day for at least five minutes for the next 30 days.  You will then begin to get your answers and start to see exactly what it is you came here to do. You can then take action on your own, or find a consultant or coach to help you make your dream job an actual lucrative career.

What is so amazing about someone being in their late ’20s is you have enough career experience behind you to be able to pull from your experiences and allow them to be used in a positive way for whatever it is you want to do moving forward and being aligned with a larger purpose.  And yet, the sky is still the limit: You are so young and still have so much time to develop a booming career.

I have so many clients whose lives have transformed in massive ways, simply by the shift in understanding their purpose and exactly what it is they came here to do. It is amazing to see the awesome results of how everything starts to shift for the better once you are living with purpose and meaning and trying to contribute to the greater good of the planet. By following the 5 steps above you will be on your way to discovering your purpose and talents in no time!

Don't Know What To Do With Your Career and Life?
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