8 Tips to Improve Your Brain Power

If you have ever felt that you are unable to concentrate or focus on the tasks at hand or if you simply feel that there are times in the day when your brain seems to turn to mush then it’s likely your brain could do with a little bit of exercise.

Supposedly, brain training is supposed to help to improve the cognitive function of the brain by undertaking a few simple tasks and exercises in a regular capacity.

In 2013, the Association for Psychological Science conducted their own survey to see whether brain training actually worked.

Tyler Harrison, the main writer for the report stated that:

“The results suggest that the students improved in their ability to update and maintain information on multiple tasks as they switched between them, which could have important implications for real-world multitasking.”

The report showed that there was minimal intelligence response from regular brain training, however simple brain exercises actually has a positive impact on boosting memory and helped participants to be able to multi-task and get things done more effectively.

Taking this research into consideration, what are a few ways in which we are able to boost our memory and help to improve our brain power?

The latest infographic from Key Retirement has taken to looking at eight professionally researched ways in which we can train our brains to boost our memory and productivity levels.

Dressing smartly will help to give you a feeling and look of professionalism but it has now also been shown to actually help brain power.

According to a study by California State University, dressing formally can help to give a sense of power and authority which can, in effect, help to boost productivity and encourage people to think more conceptually.

Do you think Steve Jobs just wore turtlenecks because he fancied it?

You can also help to improve your brain power by making sure to eat the right balance of healthy and vitamin-enriched foods.

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III conducted a study to show that the Mediterranean diet could help to improve functions in the brain and improve cognitive function, alongside reducing the risk of dementia.

Another way that has been suggested to help improve brain power is to ensure that you get a good amount of sleep regularly.

A lack of sleep can result in a disruption in the functions of the brain and therefore have a knock-on effect on our productivity.

By sleeping, our brains can eliminate toxins that inhibit the brain’s operating power which can help to boost neuroplasticity.

If you, like many others, are looking for a solution to boost your memory in an effort to increase your productivity levels then take a look at the infographic below for some more useful suggestions, which comes courtesy of Key Retirement.


Adam Maidment is based in Manchester, UK and works within digital PR and visual media. When he's not working, he's most likely writing, playing video games, tweeting or watching a film.