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9 Essential Etiquettes Everyone Should Learn

Published on January 23, 2016 12:00 AM EST
9 Essential Etiquettes Everyone Should Learn

In this era, it is quite important to be in proper manners to display your rightful personality and tell them that ‘I’ respect you. Anytime you move out and meeting someone for the first time sends message of who you are. Well, I know no one is born with talent of having professional etiquettes. So, for you I have listed few etiquette rules below so that you can put your best in front of anyone.

9 Essential Etiquettes Everyone Should Learn


Learn To Be On Clock

Are you late by 5 minutes everyday? Are you habitually rushing late into meetings after everyone else has already sat down? If so, then you have professional issue that could undermine your career. “Arriving late is way of saying that you own time is more valuable than the time of person who waited for you” Being on time entails that you respect other person’s time and are dependable.

9 Essential Etiquettes Everyone Should Learn


Follow Up

Following up is great way to show that you are responsible for the work taken. In corporate world if you say you are ready to work and handle that responsibility then ensure you follow through. One of the trusted etiquette and manners training firm wordsvibe will develop you as someone who is honest and can be counted on.


Don’t Forget To Show Gratitude

‘Thank You’ is most simple and essential word to say and appreciate other efforts. Writing a thank you to the gift giver will generally tell the giver that their gift was appreciated and shows good manners and class.


Appropriate Cell Phone Conversions

It’s pretty tough to imagine a world without the accessibility of cell phones. Make sure that your cell phone conversions are perfect in terms of content and volume when in public – that entails proper etiquette. Conversation with loud voice in public displays poor etiquette and it even causes disruption. Just keep in mind that others can hear you so keep your conversion appropriate for anyone to hear while in public.


Avoid Getting Tag Of Gossip Queen/King

You may be dying to dish on the new latest office gossips, but don’t do that. Office gossips leads to unprofessional atmosphere and indirectly gives the message that they can’t really trust you. Rather than being gossip king/queen be an example of integrity and don’t say anything about anyone which would embarrass you if they found about it.


Dress Appropriately

Personality (properly dressed) plays an important role in corporate life. Inappropriately dressed employee can cast him/her in negative light and cause embarrassment. If you are not able to judge what attire would work best for the event, get in touch with others and ask them. If that’s not possible then it’s great to make a mistake on the side of caution and slight over dress rather than coming up in a sweatshirt and jeans to a business casual event.


Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is quite important not only in corporate world, but even in your life. With positive attitude you can move far ahead. No one loves to be around a person who is “Constant Complainer”. Showing your positive attitude will remove emotional intelligence and ultimately this will make your want a necessity in company.


Email Etiquettes

Email is an important and essential tool for communication which most of us can’t image life without. Ensure that your email communication is respectful of others and doesn’t lead a bad impression. When thinking about email etiquette, just remember never ever write every letter in caps (which tells you are yelling), make sure that your responses are to the point and complete and don’t please forward the chain letters.


Proper Language

Slang and short words are part of every generation and has their own unique array of expressions, but that doesn’t mean that it have to take place in every situation. In office, or speaking to teacher at your child’s school either generally for any corporate reply. Properly communicating displays respect fro the person you are communicating and show intelligence.


9 Essential Etiquettes Everyone Should Learn
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