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How to Furnish a Startup Office

Published on July 8, 2016 12:00 AM EST
How to Furnish a Startup Office

That savior of an investor came through and the startup money is officially in the bank. You have your computers all ready to go, the desks are arranged, and the phone system set up. But what didn’t you think about when you decided to furnish a startup office?

Here is how to furnish a startup office in the coolest way possible!

The accent wall or the full paint job

The office is officially yours. When you received the walk through tour, the excitement levels were too high for you to notice the small chips and the peeling paint, however. Now it’s all too real. The problem is that you don’t have much time before new customers come calling. A one-day commercial paint job will have your new office brightened up in no time, with no harsh fumes to knock out your clients. The process only takes a day, cutting out down time for the company and allowing you to quickly furnish a startup.

How to Furnish a Startup Office

All the little office supplies

While it is the 21st century, where many documents live only on Google Drive, don’t bank on online storage only. Start a list of essential supplies for the office. Did you remember to buy paper clips? File folders? Rubber bands? Despite the push for paperless offices, one small power outage could result in catastrophe if you are not prepared to do things “the old fashioned way.” As part of the office supplies, don’t forget caffeine. Whether it’s a single-serve device or a good old coffee pot next to tea bags, offer caffeine to your employees to keep them productive. Keep the machine warm for that post-lunch slump.

Amazon Prime

How can you get those supplies quickly when you don’t have time to run over to an office supply store? A one year subscription to Amazon Prime which costs $99 will definitely do the trick. Think about of how much  money you normally spend in shipping from a big box retailer for all of the printer ink, pencils, and paper. With Prime the shipping is free. Plus, the shipping is always two days, bulk order or not.


Speaking of computers (we’re assuming you remembered to get an internet connection), look into apps and tools for your computers. If you want communication to flow through the walls in the new office, Slack will do the job.  Meanwhile, Zen Payroll will handle all payroll duties for you. Check out the other apps and tools – each one is useful in its own way.

Secure your data

Imagine this: that huge storm you heard about on the radio hits a week after your office opens. Your half-dozen employees are using their pens on paper like champions, and you are feeling pretty good about your level of preparation. Then, the power is finally turned back on and everyone is rejoicing.

But the power outage wiped out all of the documents everyone was working on at the time. All of the hard work is gone; everyone has to start from scratch. It’s too bad that you didn’t have a backup for your data.

Securing your data, whether physically with an alarm system, or with encrypted cloud storage, is essential for preventing data loss and tampering. An up-to-date virus checker is vital. Also, make sure to change passwords often and keep the hackers guessing.

A creative environment

Although giants like  Google are famous for this, creativity can be  just as tangible for smaller businesses. Maybe you want a physical creative area for your employees and their creative juices. Create a corner of the office painted in crazy colors and provide a table with coloring books (the ones meant for adults are all the rage right now). If you want to furnish a startup you must also focus on emotions such as tranquility.  Set up a small area with yoga mats in order to provide your employees with downtime. Just 10 minutes of yoga sharpens the mind, improving the performance of everyone.

…but not a distractive one

Don’t go overboard. Having a video game console in the break room might be cool, but it can also foster a distracting environment. While it can recharge an employee, it might also take them out of work for longer than they meant. As a new startup you want to be cool, but also present a good formal image. Be productive to be professional.

Your office, your logo – plus water

Quickly think of a reception area of any major company you’ve ever visited – we’re talking skyscrapers. What is something they all have in common? The company name and logo plastered somewhere, announcing you are in the right place!

But a sign is too boring for a hip new startup. Put some pizzazz into your lobby (assuming you have money left over). What screams “We are the right company to jet the job done”? Waterfalls. Specifically custom waterfalls with your company’s logo on it. Any client walking into your reception will immediately see that all of your proverbial ducks are in a row and you are ready to do business.

First impressions can be everything, and without clients, all the security, business supplies, yoga mats, and new coats of paint will be utterly worthless. What are you favorite ways to furnish a startup? Let us know in the comments bellow!

How to Furnish a Startup Office
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