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How buying glasses online is simplifying buying glasses

Published on August 14, 2017 12:00 AM EST

Your vision is one of the most important senses in your body. From admiring the bright blue sky to looking at the people you love, your eyes help you explore the world around you. It makes sense to take care of it.

But even with proper care, most people will still experience vision problems.


In fact, about 30 percent of the American population is near-sighted, while 60 percent are far-sighted. 

But, there are even more people who wear glasses, not for their lack of great vision, but for fashion. Whether it be fashion or prescription, the reality is glasses can be very expensive.

So how do you avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a simple pair of specs? What if you only need reading glasses? How much is too much?

With help from GlassesUSA, you can now get the best pair for you – without ever leaving your home or over paying due to a store’s overhead costs.

GlassesUSA: Say Goodbye To The Middlemen

One of the main reasons why a pair of glasses costs so much is the path it takes from manufacturer to the end consumer, you. Traditional processes usually include a wholesaler and a retailer. This bumps up the price of the specs due to things like logistics and rent.

Imagine buying glasses the usual way: perhaps you spend hours comparing prices online. Once you find a good store, you drive or commute to get there. Then a sales representative slaps you with several options. You drown in choices you’re not prepared to buy yet. At the end of the day, you probably end up with a pair of glasses you’re not too happy with.

Now picture yourself buying online: simply go to where they have hundreds of glasses to choose from (including popular brands, sunglasses, and prescription glasses). Their site is visited by more than 120,000 people a day, so you’re in good company!

Use their virtual Mirror feature to help you pick the perfect pair that matches your look.

  • Upload an image of your face (from your computer, Facebook, or your Webcam).
  • Follow the 3-step directions and adjust your photo as needed.
  • Try on glasses!


It’s quick, convenient, and you don’t need to leave your home at all. Even on a busy week, you can still shop for glasses at a time you like most. Night or day, you can spend minutes or hours browsing trending looks, or what’s on sale. No need to waste money and time traveling to a store.

GlassesUSA has local factories that manufacture their own lenses and frames, making them up to 70 percent cheaper than most retailers. As you don’t need to face a sales rep, you won’t feel compelled to sign anything or buy before you’re ready.

Once you’ve locked in on the best pair for you, simply fill in other pertinent information (such as prescription, purpose for wearing glasses, etc.). You see ALL costs before checking out so there are NO surprise or hidden charges. You pay for exactly what you need – when you need it.

Discover a Better Way of Buying Glasses

As the leading online eyewear store in the U.S., GlassesUSA understands the importance of great vision. That’s why they’ve put in their best efforts to provide excellent products and service without the hefty price tag.

Now, everybody can have a chance to get perfect vision.  Their trusted 365-Day Warranty and FREE shipping to the U.S. and Canada ensures customer satisfaction after every purchase. Visiting their site for the first time? Don’t forget to check out their coupon for a 50 percent off on your first pair!

Aside from prescription glasses, they also offer other products such as contact lenses and progressive lenses. Own a pair of Snap Spectacles? You can get your own prescription lenses that you can easily pop in place.

Getting good vision doesn’t need to be complicated – or costly. Visit today and experience hassle-free AND risk-free shopping for a better pair of glasses.

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