Lebron James helps feed firefighters, Cancer patient wins lotto and more
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Good News of the Week: Lebron James helps feed firefighters, Cancer patient wins lotto on last day of treatment

Published on November 1, 2019 10:05 AM EST

An estimated 20 million people have been impacted by the Getty wildfires in California. On the front lines of fighting these fires and keeping everyone safe are firefighters and first responders. This brave group of men and women are working long hours to try to control the blaze and keep residents safe while minimizing the impact to peoples property and the environment.

Superstar NBA player LeBron James was evacuated from his California home as the blaze reached an unsafe proximity to his front door. In the midst of relocating his family and playing a rigorous schedule at the start of the 2019 NBA season, James took time to send a thoughtful gesture to firefighters and first responders. James sent a taco truck to the first responders base camp to feed them so they didn’t have to travel far to refuel during their shift.

In an interview James told ESPN reporters “It definitely takes a lot of bravery, a lot of commitment, a lot of sacrifice in any job that you take, but when you’re at the risk of your life any time you’re called upon, it’s a different type of mind state that you have to be in.”

California mayor Eric Garcetti publicly thanked James in a tweet with photos of firefighters eating in between shifts.


Most people become educators not for the fame or for the recognition, but for the love of the students and the ability to make a profound impact on future generations. As a byproduct of that, most educators form deep connections to their students and become invested in their success both in and outside of the classroom. Jacksboro Elementary School teacher Brooke Goins proved just how deep a teacher/student bond can be in an emotional facebook post about her experience dealing with a student experiencing food insecurity.

Since writing the post on October 2nd it’s been liked nearly 50,000 times on facebook and shared thousands more times as well. The post caught the attention of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her MLB all-star fiancée Alex Rodriguez. The two are part owners of a food company Tiller & Hatch, and announced they would be sending the school a year’s worth of food on behalf of their company

When speaking with the students Lopez told them her mother was a teacher and she’s always had a heart for what they do. Lopez went on to say ‘everyone should have access to delicious, nutritious food.” And that this is just one example why business ownership is so important to her and her fiancée.


At just 17-years-old Shreyaa Venkat is already working to impact the world in a major way. Venkat founded the non-profit organization NEST4US, which provides volunteer opportunities focused on feeding the hungry, inspiring youth and connecting the world. The organization has grown to include four different programs, each focused on a different area of need in a specific community.

Through NEST Nurtures Venkat has organized a group of volunteers who has served over 12,000 homeless people in the Washngton D.C. Metropolitan area. Another program NEST Tutors helps provide free tutors to children living in low-income households. NEST Tutors is active in 19 school districts. NEST Cares is another program of this organization focused on providing hygiene kits and blessing bags for the homeless. The NEST Cares program also provides disaster relief assistance.

Venkat runs the organization while attending classes and doing all of the things a typical high school senior enjoys. She says she got the idea to launch this organization after an interaction with a homeless man needing food. She remembered how his face lit up when she gave him food and was inspired to help people experiencing hard times on a larger scale.

Shreyaa Venkat is a nominee for this year’s L’Oreal’s 2019 Women of Worth award. Earlier this year the teen won the 2019 Virginia Governor’s Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award.


A new round of wildfires is plaguing areas of California from LA to the Bay Area. Since the fires ignited on October 22 the fire has burned an area twice the size of San Francisco and has destroyed nearly 60 homes. On Monday, actor and former pro-wrestler John Cena tweeted a video announcing plans to donate $500,000 to first responders who are fighting these fast-spreading fires.

In the video Cena says California is in ‘dire straits’ and first responders are working around the clock, but they need our help. He also added he feels donating is ‘the right thing to do’ and that he’s doing his part to help. He concluded the video with a plea to keep everyone safe.

Cena is playing a firefighter in a new comedy called ‘Playing with Fire.’ During his recently released video announcing his donation to first responder Cena says the film showcases a group of people he believes are heroes – first responders.


What would you do if you won the lotto? It’s something many of us have thought about, but it’s something few people in life will ever actually experience. For Ronnie Foster this common daydream recently became a reality. On his last day of treatment for colon cancer Foster stopped at a convenience store to buy two scratch-off tickets. A last minute decision to buy two $5 scratch-off tickets, instead of one paid off in a major way.

Foster came up short on his first ticket, but scratched the second to reveal a $200,000 prize. In disbelief, he went back into the store to check the ticket on the machine and the machine showed a message that said ‘go to lottery headquarters.’

Foster will take home $141,501 after taxes. The former North Carolina Department of Transportation workers says he will use the money to pay his medical bills from his cancer treatment and build his savings

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