Michael Jordan opens new health clinic, Coach disarms student and more
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Good News of the Week: Michael Jordan opens new health clinic, Coach disarms student then shows compassion and more

Published on October 26, 2019 11:35 AM EST
Michael Jordan


The community of Charlotte, North Carolina has a new resource thanks to NBA Legend Michael Jordan. This week Jordan, along with a team of partners and employees, hosted a grand opening for the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic. The goal of the new healthcare facility is to expand access to healthcare for children and adults in underserved and at-risk communities of Charlotte.

Michael Jordan

Located just west of Charlotte, this newly-built medical clinic will deliver high-quality, affordable primary care and preventative care – including behavior health, physical therapy, social work, oral health and family planning services to people who live in that community. During the grand opening ceremony for this clinic Jordan delivered an emotional speech expressing his desire to make a dramatic difference in improving the lives of residents who are at risk for generational poverty. 

Jordan, who is the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets NBA Franchise, explained how access to healthcare and social determinants of care can play a major role in perpetuating cycles of poverty in underserved communities. He cited the results of the Equality of Opportunity Project, an in-depth study from Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, which documented Charlotte as having the worst odds for upward economic mobility of children living locally in poverty – 50th out of 50 U.S. cities studied. 

The new 7,400 square feet facility has 12 patient rooms. It will be staffed and operated by Novant Health, a non-profit healthcare system serving patients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The clinic opened three weeks ago and has already served more than 300 patients. A second clinic is on track to open in late 2020 on the city’s north side


Keanon Lowe is being hailed a hero after newly released school surveillance video surfaced showing him disarming a student who brought a loaded gun to school. But it wasn’t this remarkable act of bravery that launched Lowe into the spotlight, it’s what he did next that has captured the hearts of millions. Immediately after Lowe removed the gun from the student’s hands and passed it off to another teacher, he hugged the student and spoke encouraging and empathetic words to calm him down.

Authorities later discovered the shotgun carried into the school by 18-year old student Angel Granados-Diaz was loaded with one round of ammunition. Legal teams agree the teen was likely planning to commit suicide, not carry out an attack on others. Last week Granados-Diaz pled guilty to two charges related to carrying a loaded gun into a public place.

This incident happened in May, but has come into the public eye after an Oregon television station aired video of this incident. Lowe spoke to reporters saying he made a split-second decision about what to do. In May the coach and security guard tweeted “When I signed up to be a Security Guard, Football and Track & Field Coach for Parkrose High School, I did so to guide and coach young people whose shoes I had once been in. I had no idea, that I would one day have to put my life on the line like I did yesterday for my students.”

This story and video have been shared thousands of times online and it has sparked new dialogue about responding to mental health crisis in schools.


Demario Davis, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints made headlines in September after getting slapped with a $7,000 fine by the NFL for wearing a headband that read ‘Man of God.’ Around the same time Davis appealed the ‘uniform infraction’ fine, he decided to start selling the headbands. 

Sales for the ‘Man of God’ and newly added ‘Woman of God’ headbands have been impressive. The headbands, priced at $25 each have generated more than $6,000 in sales. Davis has donated 100% of the proceeds to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. With an equal amount in matching grants the total donated to the hospital currently sits at $120,000.

Davis is in his second season playing for the NFL. In a recent interview he explained to reporters he is very passionate about his faith. He says his faith has grown tremendously after surviving a troubled childhood and spending time behind bars. Having beat the odds to become an NFL player is a testament to his faith and belief in God.


An Atlanta boy will now have a new wheel-chair accessible home thanks to a donation form Shaquille O’Neal. 12-year-old Isaiah Payton and 15-year-old Damon Spears were shot at a High School football game last week. Atlanta police say the shooting happened as a result of an argument that escalated during the game. The two boys were not the intended targets of the shooting.

Payton was paralyzed from the chest-down and will require long-term care as a result. O’Neal found out Payton would not be released from the hospital until his family could move to the first floor of their apartment buiding. He stepped in to provide them with a fully-furnished new home along with televisions and Ring security cameras. 

O’Neal has been a longtime advocate against gun-violence. As a father himself, O’Neal tells reporters he was compelled to help out because it could have just as easily happened to one of his kids, or anyone else. Papa John’s CEO and board president, along with the Atlanta Mayor and fire department have all contributed to help the Payton family with bills for the next year.


What would you do if you found $7,000? One woman in Indiana happened upon this large sum of cash while working in a used clothing resale shop. Jennifer Kimes, works at Platos Closet in Valaparaiso, Indiana. One day while working the register someone dropped off a bag of clothes and as she was checking each clothing item, noticed a large sum of cash in the pocket of one of the items. She unrolled a large amount of hundred dollar bills and added it all up to an amount of $7,000.

Kimes immediately put the cash in a safe spot and called her manager. The store manager contacted the person who left the clothes. Needless to say, the owner was grateful to get the call and to retrieve the misplaced money. The jacket owner said he had hidden the money in the jacket pocket a while back and forgot it was there.

Store manager Tammy Wendland says there was no reward for returning the money, but she’s happy her employee has good integrity and did the right thing.

Michael Jordan
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