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10 Habits That Will Take Your Life Further Than You Could’ve Ever Imagined

Published on December 24, 2016 12:00 AM EST
10 habits in life that will take you further

Everyone struggles to feel motivated, powerful, and effective sometimes.

We can easily feel like we’re coming up short in our careers and relationships, and that we could always be doing more to be an impactful force (both for others, and in regards to our own happiness).

10 habits in life that will take you further

But a few simple habits to change your life can make things better.

These 10 habits aim to help you consciously drive your life to create positivity (making you feel more motivated), and can heavily impact the community around you (making you actually be more of that powerful, effective force!).

10 Habits To Change Your Life and Take Your Further

1. Consciously Exercise Willpower

habits to change your lifeI recently did a whole post on this topic… because I noticed that almost everyone desires more willpower in some aspect of life: to lose weight, to stop procrastinating, to control anger, etc.

And I’ve found through research, and through practicing ‘small rep’ willpower techniques myself (little things like sitting up straight, not saying ‘um’, and cold showering) can dramatically help raise willpower.

Bottom line, willpower is like a muscle that you can habitually exercise/train. And with that practice, it will grow.

How this habit impacts you:

With an intentionally increased, ‘trained-up’ willpower, you can change traits in yourself that you don’t like… or that aren’t helping you become better. You can reach any goal faster and easier.

How it impacts the community:

You’re better-equipped to inspire change with a strong willpower.You can direct your new willpower (which is almost like a superpower!) toward selflessly helping others, or leading change in your community.


2. Save More Money

habits to change your lifeWith the above tip: willpower is possibly never more important than when it comes to saving money. Why?

Because, as some of you might have already figured out, pushing saving money until ‘later’, or ‘when I make enough’ can have a serious (negative) effect on your stress, relationships, and general happiness. Saving now can get you better results that you think.

Now, the best way to know how much more you should save is to talk to a financial expert who knows your exact situation. But a good rule of thumb is always save 20 percent of each paycheck.

How this habit impacts you:

How doesn’t saving money become one of the habits to change your life? A monetary safety net can lower stress, improve your relationship with your spouse, and can improve your lifestyle when you retire.

How it impacts your community:

More money saved means you can be wiser and more. You can afford more and better gifts for loved ones, make more impactful donations to local charities, and give more to help after a crisis.

3. Constantly Look for Opportunity

habits to change your life

Image credits to Ben Andreas Harding via Flickr.com

Where you are now is not where you’ll be in a decade, a year, or even a month. You’re constantly moving and changing. If you are looking for the right opportunities, you will be moving to somewhere great and empowering.

Now, I get that this can be hard. If you’re content where you are, it can be hard to seek out new opportunities that will rock your stability. And if you’re unhappy where you are, it can be hard to help others find their opportunities because you’re way more concerned about your own position.

But you’d be surprised how being habitually aware of new opportunities can affect both you and others. Just try it!

How this habit impacts you:

You never know how a new opportunity could impact you. A new work could turn life around for your family. A new relationship could make you into a better person. The point is, always be on the lookout for personal opportunities, so you’re sure not to miss one.

How it impacts your community:

Again… you never know this becomes one of the habits to change your life. Any small word of kindness, favor for a friend, even holding in anger can impact someone’s day (or even their life) in a way you’ll never know.


4. Get Up Before 8AM Every Morning

habits to change your lifeThis habit is really simple to understand: better people don’t result from sleeping in… or in other words, wasting time.

So get up early and spend every moment you can learning, loving and growing as a person. Get enough rest to be happy and productive, but don’t waste away dreaming.

How this habit impacts you:

More time awake means more skills learned, love practiced, and goals met. In other words – get up early and spend the most time you can becoming better.

How it impacts your community:

More time awake means more time to give to others, help others, and inspire others. Sleeping doesn’t affect the world – actions do.

5. Speak Positively

habits to change your lifeThe power of words is undeniably great (but of course I think that, I’m a writer… so check out this research for more definitive proof). If you use that word-power to influence your thoughts, perceptions, and activities, your day and even your life can be greater.

So give yourself and others positive affirmations. Say things like ‘good job’, ‘you can do this’, ‘you are awesome’ (and yes, I do mean say these things even to yourself), and you’ll powerfully influence how the world is viewed.

Bottom line – you’ll see it as better when your language reminds you that it is great.

How this habit impacts you:

You feel better when you speak better (as crazy as that may sound). When you are reminded of your achievements and abilities, you can accomplish more.

How it impacts your community:

Just like those words lift you up, they lift others up too. They also inspire change and action where before there was no motivation. So use the power of words for good!

6. Take Time to Journal

habits to change your lifeJournaling has physical and mental health benefits (check some of them out here). But it can also inspire you to reach goals, and can stimulate creativity (which can then help with problem solving, emotional release, or can just make you happier).

So use a journal to keep track of your goals and progress (keeps you motivated), record feelings and thoughts (identifies areas you struggle with), or express that creativity (positively lifts you up!).

Journaling also helps you know yourself, which clues you in to what things in your life are bringing you down… and bring in those habits to change your life. Pretty cool, right?

How this habit impacts you:

Again, journaling can powerfully affect your physical and mental health and becoming intimately familiar with your own thoughts and feelings can help you identify those negative thought/action patterns that need to change.

How it impacts your community:

Practicing writing helps you to communicate better even verbally, believe it or not… and being more aware of how thoughts/feelings work can help you empathize better with others. And having that deeper empathy with people can only benefit your community!

7. Know Yourself

habits to change your lifeWhat I mean here is know your own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and talents. But… why is that important?

You can use positivity as one of the habits to change your life. For example, your strength may be in verbal communication, and a talent may be unmatched creativity… so a good path could be a political campaign, where you can speak and come up with creative ways to reach an audience.

And you can use an understanding of your negative traits (weaknesses and fears) as one of the habits to change your life.

For example, if you see that you’re afraid of commitment, that knowledge could help you communicate better with your partner. Or if a tendency of complacency is a weakness for you, you’ll better understand why your career hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

How this habit impacts you:

Honestly, when has a more knowledgeable person been less impactful? Knowing your own personality lets you see opportunities, and immediately makes you a more effective force of change.

How it impacts your community:

Pretty simple: you know how best to serve others if you know what you can do!

8. Practice Gratitude

habits to change your lifeI have to say practice gratitude because it’s not a natural gift for most people.

As a personal example: my car broke down the same day my credit card was stolen. And I can tell you, I was NOT feeling grateful. Even though I could pay to get the car towed, had a good friend to drive me home, and a dog to greet there me with love.

So… even though I had enough money, a good friend, and a sweet dog, I focused on all the things that were going wrong, instead of the good things I had.

Does that sound familiar?

Practicing gratitude is one of the best habits to change your life, because it draws your focus back to the positive, even with things are less than ideal. Make some lists of things you have to be grateful for, and keep them top-of-mind for when you really need them.

How this habit impacts you:

Believe it or not, gratitude can affect your health… but it even more powerfully affects your attitude, by drawing your focus back to those positive things. And why would you not want to have a better, more positive attitude during the day?

How it impacts your community:

Gratitude is something that should be shared, right? So express your gratitude for other people (a simple ‘thank you’ works great), give them something to be grateful and consciously pass on gratitude in an attempt to change the way we all act with each other.

9. Remain Physically Active

habits to change your lifeAlmost everyone has the desire/capability to be active in some way: you can run, lift, dance, walk, swim, or play a sport (or anything!).

And that human activity and desire for motion is a natural constant in the universe (because the entire universe is constantly in motion). If you think about it, being in action makes you one with the universe.

How this habit impacts you:

Like I described above, being physically active can make you feel more rested, peaceful, energetic and happy. It also affects your long-term health – a habit everyone should get into!

How it impacts your community:

By definition, change involves movement. And physical movement is a great way to start changing the world… because honestly, how can you change anything if you’re always standing still?

10. Honor Your Life

habits to change your lifeGoals are important… we all know that. But your life isn’t just a series of goals to be met.

In fact, focusing on future goals is only looking forward, constantly looking away from the now. And that might cause you to miss something wonderful (either a giant missed opportunity or even a small joy).

Treat each moment of your life special, and that it matters just as much as the future.  Bring yourself and others joy, like spending time outside, learning hobbies, listening to others’ stories, and travelling.

That’s honoring your life: treating it with respect and special care, even down to the smallest moments.

How this habit impacts you:

Simple: joy. There is joy in honoring the moments of your life, and giving the things you really value precious time and attention. If you treat every minute of your life like it’s special, you can get an incredible, insuppressible joy.

How it impacts your community:

It’s like the safety instructions on an airplane: you must put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others. How can you bring value, joy and honor to others if you don’t honor your own life?


You can find motivation through conscious habits. These 10 small goals can make you more motivated and more joyful.

But even more than that, they can help you become the type of person to impact the world around you. You’ll give more positive words, more powerful gifts, and more energetic time to those who need it. Plus, these habits to change your life lift you up as well. And that’s pretty cool.

10 habits in life that will take you further
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