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What Degrees Offer the Most Potential to Help Others and the Community?

Published on June 19, 2016 12:00 AM EST
What Degrees Offer the Most Potential to Help Others and the Community?

As today’s world becomes even more complex, more people are choosing careers where they can help others and make a positive impact on their community. However, deciding which degree can help the most people can be difficult. To make the decision easier, here are five examples with tremendous potential.

What Degrees Offer the Most Potential to Help Others and the Community?


Whether it’s working in an inner-city emergency room or a hospice environment, a nursing degree helps people in numerous ways. With a nationwide shortage of nurses, this career field is wide-open. A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is the usual path to a career as a Registered Nurse, although Associate’s degrees can also achieve the same goal.

What Degrees Offer the Most Potential to Help Others and the Community?


Elementary Education

For many people, teaching young children helps them feel as if they are making the world a better place. Thus, a degree in Elementary Education can be the perfect path on this journey. Whether teaching in a public or private school, this degree requires many hours of student teaching in order to gain the necessary experience. But once it is earned, decades can be spent teaching thousands of young minds skills that will serve them well as they become adults.


Radiologic Technologist

As health care becomes more high-tech, demand for medical imaging specialists is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, a career as a radiologic technologist can be very fulfilling. Using specialized imaging and diagnostic equipment, technologists can play a key role in helping doctors discover cancers and other life-threatening issues before it becomes too late. For many students, a bachelor’s degree in radiology can be the first step toward a great career.



With people having more questions than ever about today’s world, the demand for ministers of all faiths is higher than ever. As many ministers retire, there is a growing need for younger clergy to replace them. With jobs available in churches, hospitals, prisons, and many other places, a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education or Theological Studies is most often the first step on this career path.


Social Work

Whether working in Child Protective Services or helping a homeless veteran gain the benefits they deserve, social workers make a significant impact on the lives of others everyday. A Bachelor’s degree can get an entry-level job, but a Master’s degree will be needed for advancement into administrative positions. You can take up an Online MSW if you’re interested in those roles.


No matter which degree is chosen, it’s clear they will help people of all ages and walks of life as they struggle with the many obstacles today’s world presents.

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