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How to Succeed in College Without the Fear of Missing Out

Published on October 23, 2014 11:19 AM EST

Getting through college is a difficult experience. I mean, sure we completely understand that the reason that we are there in the first place is to study hard so that we can succeed in our future careers; however, trying to balance studying with having a social life can be a nightmare. Daydreaming all day while we are in lectures about what we’re going to wear at the party tonight is not exactly the best use of our time or the reason why we are paying such hefty tuition fees every year, but it is hard to concentrate when you know something big is going down on campus and everyone who’s everyone is going to be there.

Sometimes we know that we shouldn’t go out. Maybe there have been too many consecutive nights of partying in a row and we have an impending deadline looming. With that said, sometimes even when we decide to stay home and work instead, we end up loitering around our dorms with the fear of missing out. We can’t concentrate on our assignments and revision because we are just stalking our friends on Instagram and wondering what they are up to and feeling that we are boring. This article helps you conquer the major modern college issue of FOMO.


Take the Help of Professionals

If you are struggling to manage your schedule, it doesn’t hurt to take on a little help. is a great example of a tool that can make your college life an awful lot easier. The professional essay writers on here can create a custom-made essay for you within a short turnaround. So for example, if you have a 4000 word paper due on quantitative analysis and you already have a good understanding of the topic, but your writing skills are poor and you don’t want to spend hours and hours doing this when there is a fun frat party going on, then don’t hesitate to consult a pro!

You can provide professional essay writers with as many or as few notes as you desire. They work to whichever deadline you provide them with, and respond quickly to queries. This way you know that your work is done on time and you don’t have any FOMO. It’s a win-win situation!

You Have Plenty of Chances to Socialize

If there is an awesome college party that we cannot make it to, many of us are guilty of fantasizing about what it would be like and guilt-tripping ourselves for “being boring” and not going. We think that perhaps we will meet the person of our dreams, that our friends will forget about us if we don’t go, and that we are going to miss something truly life-changing and memorable. The thing to remember is that there are always going to be other options, other possibilities. If you miss this party, there will probably be another one tomorrow considering how social the college lifestyle is!

Stop Seeing Things Through Rose Tinted Glasses

On a related note, stop fantasizing about how wonderful the night is going to be. We have all been to college parties and we all know that they are not that spectacular. Sure you can look at Instagram and see all these pouty duck faces of your friends looking glam, but what is going on behind the scenes? Probably those same friends will be feeling incredibly hungover tomorrow, struggling to get their coursework done and cursing the fact that they ever bothered to go out in the first place. Take pride in the fact that you stayed home to do something that was necessary.

Study with Friends

Staying home to complete an assignment or revise doesn’t have to be dull. Get this idea out of your head that it makes you a boring loser! It doesn’t have to mean sitting home alone in your dorm in your sweat-pants while eating cookie dough either. Call up your coursemates and organise a study group together. Sometimes it just feels better to be surrounded by company, especially like-minded people that probably have the same FOMO fears as you do. Spend a few hours studying or writing quietly together, pack a bunch of snaps and a chill background playlist, and then do something fun together to celebrate your achievements afterward.

Set a Schedule 

Plan out some form of schedule to help you manage your study and social life through college and organize your days for success. For example, Mondays and Tuesdays could be allocated as the days where you work on whatever coursework has been assigned that week. If you absolutely cannot miss Thirsty Thursdays then allocate that day as a “party day”. The added benefit of this is that setting clear boundaries stops you from procrastinating. You will get the work done faster because you need it to be completed before you can go to the party.

If you are allocating certain days to study, and others to socializing, you will also appreciate your social interactions more and look forward to time spent with friends and other college students.

Work Hard Play Hard is Okay

Combatting FOMO does not mean that you have to resign to a boring life of staying inside all day studying and buried under a sea of textbooks. It is completely fine to go a little crazy from time to time. After all, that is part of the college experience. On your allocated party days you can let loose and do whatever you like – do a keg stand, dance until the early hours of the morning, make out with that super cute classmate. Having fun in college is okay, the main thing is just that you need to find a balance to accommodate all aspects of college life in your schedule.

In summary, FOMO sucks! It has become such a normal part of modern college life and we hate that. By acknowledging that you are really not missing out on that much, overcoming the mental blocks that make you feel lame for staying home, and focusing on being your best self throughout college, you can overcome this battle and succeed in your studies.

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