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3 Simple Ways To Be More Productive That You Might Be Overlooking

Published on October 13, 2014 12:00 AM EST

Many people find that they don’t have enough time in the day. All they do is work, work and work. At the least, the outcome must be something desirable and praiseworthy else working hard would prove to be futile. In this article, let us discuss tips on how to be more productive at work.

Create a To-do List for the Day

Note, the to-do list should be for the day and not for the entire month or the next anticipated days coming ahead. It is good to take things one step at a time to have proper pacing. Write down everything that you need to achieve for the day and do the same thing for tomorrow and set priorities. This will help you be relieved from anxieties and worries.

As each task is done and items are de-cluttered from the list, notice that your work results will better with a stress-free mind. Doing this will also give you enough focus to concentrate only for the things that must be done for the day so you would not feel more overwhelmed than you should not be.

Rest as You Should

Working and then getting poor results would get you nowhere but with the responsibility to redo the things you should have done better. If you feel stressed, pressured or down, it would be best not to continue working and call it a day. It is also wise to create a winding down routine where you take a respite from work, switch all devices and maybe walk in a park to feel at ease.

Even students are advised to watch some interesting TV show or tell jokes with friends rather than study the whole day in the library. Mentors from the best accounting school in the Philippines have also realized that continuously using your brain cells for a challenging project would not do any good. Taking a habit of doing relaxing activities such as listening to the music, eating light snacks or working out in the nearby gym is ideal.

Measure the Results

Without measuring, you would never know how much your work has improved over time. The value of having a standard way of evaluating your own productivity will help you work smarter as well in the long term.

By monitoring the trends of your work outputs, you would have a better gauge on how many hours you need to spend and find a method to accomplish the same task in lesser time. If possible, it is also recommended to break down your tasks into smaller sections. In that way, you would know in which part of the work takes much of the time. A running log or a worksheet can also be of help.


By planning, resting occasionally and measuring your work results, you can create a working atmosphere and attitude that are conducive to produce better work outputs. Seeing improvements will make you feel more encouraged to move on and learn from every opportunity. Being responsive with your actions is also an effective and meaningful way to create something you’ll be proud of.


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