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How to fail faster and become more successful

Published on March 6, 2016 12:00 AM EST
How to fail faster and become more successful

“Fail fast, and fail often” seems to be the cool thing to say in the entrepreneurial world. However, is it the cool thing to do if you really want to be successful in your efforts?


How to fail faster and become more successful

Rather than relying in such statement as it is, today I’m proposing you a proactive view on failure, that will help you get rid of it “faster” and as “often” as you need to.


How to fail faster and become more successful

From a coach and entrepreneurial perspective, I don’t believe a focus on failure is a healthy approach. Back in my early entrepreneurial years, I was a single mother of a little toddler, with bills to pay and a commitment to succeed. Evidently, the most irresponsible thing to do would’ve been to embrace failure.


However, I did fail fast and often, but that wasn’t the ingredient that helped me bring the check at the end of the month. On the contrary, I was focusing on succeeding, and doing my best to bounce back after every failure.


Here are 7 proactive ways to “fail fast and often”:


Research faster

Once the project you want to be successful in is conceived, you’ll face different options. Rather than  risking failing at most of them, accelerate your research and make them fail in paper rather than in real life.


Leap faster

Some great projects might have had fantastic results 5 years ago, but delayed research and action could turn into failure. As soon as your project is viable, do all what it takes to make it successful in the least amount of time


Focus on money

No money equals no business. Avoid failure by being diligent and proactive with your finances. Having a strong awareness of your finances, will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on creativity, and the information you need to take good and timely decisions.


Even if your project has little to do with money, choose to focus on the implications of it, from the very early stages. Ask yourself: How this will affect your finances? What are the financial concerns related to this project?


Get constant feedback

Even when you’ve successfully accomplished a task, it’s very likely you still have room for improvement. No matter how good or how bad things are going, get used to assess your performance “fast and often”.


In my coaching practice, aside from asking my clients for feedback, I keep a simple form where after every coaching session I ask myself “what was good and what could be improved?”


Grow in humbleness as you grow in success

Failure is a great life teacher when other methods have not yielded positive outcomes. Gifts like patience, faith, self-control and humbleness are difficult to learn by reading a book or attending a class, but usually very effectively acquired thru life difficulties and failure.


Most of us would need some real life class to get to the next level of humbleness, but making a point on keeping yourself grounded as you succeed, would be helpful to accelerate success.


Be one step ahead in your personal development journey

Managing the next level of success will require an upgraded version of your current self. Many times, success could be just around the corner, but not accessible to a person who has not developed the abilities to manage it.


One thing that will accelerate your success is to grow your inner self, aiming to behave, think, and talk like the person who you’d like to become. How would this person talk? What kind of conversations would they engage in? What habits would they embrace/eliminate?


Surround yourself with mentors who want your success

As much as failure happens, success also happens. None of them are permanent, nor final. To be able to get the most out of your successes and failures, and accelerate your journey towards your goals, it’s absolutely important to get a mentor. Honest and wise guidance and feedback will help you move “faster and often” towards your goals, minimizing eventual


7+1. Celebrate Success


Choose success, focus on it, be grateful for it, and celebrate it as often as it’s achieved, by yourself and others.


Failure is part of life, and it will happen. However, focusing on failure and adding it as an ingredient of success might become a trap, leading to self-sabotage.


As you focus on succeeding “fast and often”, you’ll probably also fail “fast and often”. However, with this proactive approach you will increase your ability to minimize, manage, and bounce back every time failure happens.


How to fail faster and become more successful
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