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Life Update: I Just Moved to India!

Published on July 27, 2013 12:00 AM EST
i moved to india

Incredible India!

Hey All!

First off, thank you to all the readers who are enjoying Everyday Power Blog! Thank you to all the readers who send me messages and comments telling me how my writing has been a catalyst for positive change and growth! That is the sole purpose of this site!

i moved to india


A PERSONAL UPDATE: As of two day’s ago, my girlfriend and I just took a major step towards living one of our dreams – living and teaching in another country. This past February, we went to an international job fair and applied for teaching jobs all over the planet.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere in Asia but stayed open to the entire process and even the entire world – applying to schools in Brazil, China, Thailand, South Korea, Qatar, Australia, India and Senegal. We ended getting an offer from a school in Southern Indian, Chennai – which was the perfect fit for us. About two days ago, the time came for us to hop on the plane, leave our family and friends and make the move! After spending quality time with our close friends and family, as well as resigning from jobs that we loved (teaching in NYC), we both made the commitment to go forward, follow our hearts and make this dream real.


I loved teaching in NYC, where I served as a teacher, Dean of Students and athletic coach, but I was ready to move on and become more of who I truly am.  In the past 2 weeks leading up to the move I have been extremely busy visiting people, packing and mentally preparing for the biggest move of my life!  We have a two year contract with the school, where I will continue to promote the ideas of confidence, personal empowerment and mental and physical wellness by teaching physical education to elementary school students.


As you can probably tell, I am absolutely thrilled by this opportunity and I am so thankful I have decided to take the leap of faith! I look forward to sharing my journey will all of you who I love tremendously! More pictures, posts and videos coming soon – LIVE FROM INDIA!


I will talk to you very soon!


Jeffrey I. Moore

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