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I love Monday’s (And why you should, too)!

Published on May 1, 2016 12:00 AM EST
i love mondays and why you should too

See, most people HATE Mondays. They hate Monday so much that it even ruins their Sunday (view Sunday quotes) and creates a miserable end to their weekend. From a personal perspective, I too hated Mondays, let it ruin my Sunday, and saw it as a start to a long week. Then I decided to make the change and use Monday as way to propel me to more success and even more happiness.

I truly believe that Monday should be a day to get excited and relish the opportunity put in front of you. Here’s why your thinking must change, and when it does you’ll see a fantastic increase in your relationships, productivity, and be able to bring your goals closer to you than you ever thought possible.

i love mondays and why you should too

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I love Monday’s (And why you should, too)!

Monday is the birth of the week, your opportunity to start off with a great mindset, work ethic, and the ability to go out and set the tone for the rest of your week. When most people complain about Monday, you need to embrace Monday for the value it can bring into your life. Champions will find an opening or weakness in their opponent or competition and strike when they see it. Monday can be your opportunity. When most people are groaning, being unproductive, recovering from their hangover, and talking about how “awesome” their weekend was – you’ll have the opportunity to rise above it all.

Mediocrity is being content with being average

Average at your job, being an average spouse, being an average parent, and just accepting an average life. You see, we are capable of so much more than just average. Those that rise above mediocrity and those that expect themselves to be above average, far from the status quo will be the ones who ultimately reach their goals and earn the success they desire.

What’s different about these people is that this “Monday Mindset” isn’t just for Monday, it’s for every day. It’s time to approach Monday in a whole new way.

People that provide themselves with opportunities to rise above average and strive for the goals are no different than an everyday person.

What is different is their mindset and mental fortitude to preserve when there is adversity. Just because you wake up with a great attitude and mental outlook, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not meet some kind of resistance throughout the day. The strong, determined, and focused individuals will be able to deal with adversity easier and with more precision.

Prepare to go out and dominate your next Monday

Plan out your day over the weekend, write a task list, lay out your clothes, plan out your food, and when that alarm sounds on Monday morning – DO NOT HIT SNOOZE! Get up! The snooze button does absolutely nothing for you except give you just 8 more minutes of sleep. Allowing yourself to toss and turn for those 8 minutes sets the tone that your dreams, goals, aspirations, and duty to succeed just isn’t important enough for you to get up with a domination-type mindset. When that alarm sounds, wake up with the mentality that “it’s time to dominate” and get up and GET AFTER IT!

As you start to create this habit, you’ll see your productivity increase, you’ll be more positive, and have a greater approach to reaching your goals. All of this is acceptable when you make the decision to rise above mediocrity and stop accepting Monday as “Monday” and start looking at it as a day to go and set the tone for your productivity levels the rest of your week!

This is a choice we all have and we all can make. Those that can do it consistency will see the greatest returns. Just like anything else, success and consistently is an acquired skill that just doesn’t happen. The more you practice successful habits to help you win the day, you naturally will start seeing the return and won’t have to think about it as much if even at all.

The ball is in your court, are you a go getter and action taker or are you just mediocre? As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”. Go out and don’t accept being mediocre, don’t accept Monday as “just Monday”, and get ready to find a whole new outlook on life. Take control of your decisions, your life, and carry around a champion mindset.

i love mondays and why you should too
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