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How to improve a day that starts out terrible

Published on March 24, 2016 7:00 AM EST
How to improve a day that starts out terrible

We’ve all had those days… you wake up and have a weird feeling that today won’t be the happiest of days. You hit snooze too many times and now you don’t have time to shower, or you completely missed your alarm. You get out of bed and step on a shoe or a kid’s toy. There’s no hot water for your shower. You spill your coffee as the person in next to you on the highway cuts you off. It’s a snowball effect and if we let that chain of events continue, our whole day will be ruined. Here’s how to improve a day that starts out completely terrible.

How to improve a day that starts out terrible

1. Vent

Call up your mom, best friend, or co-worker and just vent about everything that happened. Preface the conversation with “Okay, I just need 3 minutes to vent about my morning and then let’s talk about something a little happier.” That way, you’re not known as the annoying friend who complains all of the time. Just getting out your anger helps a lot and prevents us from manifesting it throughout the entire day. Also, as you vent you may realize that it’s not so bad after all.

How to improve a day that starts out terrible


2. Treat Yo’self

What will make you feel better? Find your quick pick-me-up and do it as soon as possible. A walk around the office away from your desk, an expensive coffee that you never get because you know it’s overpriced, a piece of chocolate, a nice healthy lunch at your favorite restaurant. Everyone has those things that make them feel better. Find yours and do it immediately to give yourself some positive vibes.


3. Be Your Own Voice of Reason

This step may require you to talk to yourself a little. After you’ve cooled down and given yourself a reason to feel a little happier, take a moment to realize how grateful you are that those little events are the only bad things that happened to you today. Stepped on your kid’s toy? That means you have a family that loves you and a kid with an active imagination. Get cut off on the road? Maybe that person had to be somewhere- and if not just be grateful that you didn’t get into an accident. I understand that some days there are some pretty detrimental things that happen and feeling grateful is the last thing you want to do. Try it out either way. I promise it will help.


4. Visualize The Rest of Your Day

You most likely know the events that are going to happen the rest of the day. Take each meeting, drive home from work, or any other scheduled event and run through it in your head. Visualize it being enjoyable. Nervous about a presentation? Visualize yourself having fun and impressing everyone in the room. When you do this, you understand that it is possible for you to have an amazing rest of your day because you already saw it happen!

5. Smile

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Faking a smile automatically makes you happier. I’m not saying sit at your desk with a creepy smile on your face. Just try smiling at the next person who walks by. Ask the person ringing up your groceries how their day is going. This all triggers a happier feeling and in a way distracts us from the things that are upsetting us.

It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself for a moment, and I even understand that sometimes we don’t feel like putting in the effort to have a better day. Just remember that sometimes we get every light red to keep us out of the 4 car pile up ahead of us, and sometimes we have to stay home with our sick kids so we can spend a little extra time with them. Telling yourself the typical “everything happens for a reason” is a surprisingly great way to understand and justify our misfortunes. Have a special way to turn your day around? Let us know!

How to improve a day that starts out terrible
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