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How I learned to follow my inner rhythm

Published on May 5, 2019 12:00 AM EST
How I learned to follow my inner rhythm

How I learned to follow my inner rhythm

And how you can learn to follow yours, too!


How I learned to follow my inner rhythm

As any first time mother, I was overjoyed when we found out I was pregnant with our first child. Pregnancy, however, was nothing like I ever dreamed it would be.

Shortly after my first trimester, my husband and I were packed and ready to travel to Europe for a week before continuing on to India to attend a meditation retreat. Originally scheduled to see my OBGYN upon our return, I had decided at the very last minute to try and push up my appointment to the day before our departure since we were eager to find out if we were having a boy or girl. That ultrasound not only revealed that we were having a boy, but also that I had a severely incompetent cervix, an issue typically only diagnosed after a woman has had one or two miscarriages in their second trimester. My body was getting ready to deliver the baby at 18 weeks. Had I boarded that plane the next morning, the impact of landing alone would have sent me immediately into premature labour. From that moment on, I was put on extremely strict bedrest for over 5 months, to the point where I wasn’t even allowed to get up to use the bathroom or to sit up to eat a meal. For over 5 months I didn’t use my legs or sit up for even a minute.

As scary as the situation was, not being allowed to move and not knowing the baby’s chances of survival, I knew deep down that there was a higher force at play. The mere fact that I was coincidentally under the care of one of the best high risk doctors in town, and the way in which the events unfolded, confirmed that everything was happening for a reason and that I had to actively seek out the blessings hidden in this typhoon of emotional turmoil. As a very active individual, the thought of laying in bed for a day was torture, let alone 5 months. However, I was determined to change this perceived challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and inner development.

By laying in bed, removed from the outer noises and distractions of everyday life, my inner voice grew louder day-by-day. It felt as though I was experiencing a thunder of silence within. The conviction that my calling was bigger than just being a financial auditor grew stronger. After many months of self-reflection, it dawned upon me that most of the accomplishments that I achieved in life came relatively easy to me, and I realized a big part of that was because of the mindful environment I was raised in. Learning mindful skills and tools as a very young child allowed me to excel in life almost effortlessly and it became clear to me that I wanted to share those same skills and tools with not only my own children but with children worldwide.

It was during that time in bed that I conceptualized the vision, developed and launched Inner Rhythm, a social-enterprise which specializes in bringing mindfulness to young children, daycares, elementary schools and libraries. By giving children the skills and tools to increase the awareness of their moment-to-moment experiences, we aim to teach them how to tune into their inner rhythm and cultivate their inner voice.

Although I had a successful career as an senior auditor at KPMG, my soul was feeling a lack of fulfillment. I felt like I wanted to give back to the world. Leaving a reputable firm with a steady income stream and opportunity to climb the corporate ladder was a difficult decision. It meant I had to give up everything I worked so hard to achieve up until that point, start all over again and embrace the unknown.

At the end, my son was born full term and perfectly healthy. I felt as though the universe had purposely forced me out of my comfort zone to allow me to listen deep within. I now know that I was put on severe bed rest (twice, for both pregnancies) for the opportunity to hear my inner voice, gain the courage to leave my career and follow my calling.

I strongly believe that every child has a spirit vibrating with its own rhythm and beat. Rather than moulding them to fit our ego-centric needs, our job as parents and educators is to guide them to listen to their inner voice and discover their own authentic melody.

Everything happens for a reason. Had I not been put on bedrest, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It all comes down to the power of thoughts. Be aware of your state of mind and consciously choose positivity and gratitude. Then, just wait for the magic to unfold.

May we all continue to be guided from within and follow our inner rhythm.

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How I learned to follow my inner rhythm
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