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Jeff Moore’s Mission To Inspire – Motivational Video

Published on April 26, 2015 12:00 AM EST
jeff moore motivational speaker

Each and every one of us has a purpose – a goal to attain, an objective to accomplish, a cause to fulfill.  Oftentimes, we characterize our purpose as merely a dream – a wish, hope or possibility that may seem impossible to achieve.  We talk about them or think about them, but we never pursue them – well not openly anyway.


jeff moore motivational speaker

But, who has ever fulfilled their dream by just thinking about it?  Who has ever achieved success without taking action and taking chances? On the road to reaching our goals there are sacrifices to make and a great deal of work to do with a very uncertain outcome.  So, for many of us the fulfillment of dreams, achievement and success all appear to be out of reach. We are afraid that we may run into too many obstacles along the way, have to give up too much, be uncomfortable for far too long with no guarantee that we will find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.  For us the challenges, demanding efforts, fears and risks seem too high a price to pay.  As a result, we take the safe route. We become content with hiding our talents under a rock and having our purpose remain a dream.


But, we must realize that if we fail to act on our purpose and strive to accomplish our goals, we will not only lose any chance of experiencing life at the highest heights; we also forfeit the opportunity to give aid to others or influence positive behaviors and contribute to shaping the future.   So, with his Mission to Inspire inspirational video, Keynote Speaker and Life Coach Jeffrey I. Moore encourages us to open up, trust and be trusted, flush out anxieties, believe in ourselves, take action, turn dreams into realities, transform hope into real possibilities and help create the future.


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