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Past Keynotes

St. John’s University

Richard R. Green Graduation Commencement Speech

TEDx Rapid City

High Point University Entrepreneurship Symposium

NYS Underwriters Association

Alpha 3T MRI Staff Retreat

Academy For Social Action Commencement Speech

Recent Articles From Jeff Moore

10 Ways you’re learning how to be rich and don’t even know it

Getting rich and becoming a millionaire might seem outlandish. It might not even be one of your goals. But what if you’re close to becoming rich – and didn’t even know it?

You might not have created a ‘how to be a millionaire in 5 years’ plan, but there might be some key habits that you are already doing, that are almost identical to the habits of the rich. Read More…


10 Reasons why I became a motivational speaker

There are so many reasons why we fall into different jobs and career paths. For me, I have never really been too concerned with a job. But I have been deeply influenced by the concept of impact.

In my household, we never really focused on, or spoke too much, about money. My mother was a teacher. My father was the head of our city’s Section 8 program. Serving people, working for the public – that’s what we did. Read More…


Signs you’re on your way to being a massive success story

When I saw myself as a success, I unconsciously gave myself permission to move forward. Odds are, you are on your way to being a massive success – and you might not even know it! Read More…


7 Action steps to help you maximize your potential every day

Studies have shown that the most successful men and women are those who can maximize their potential – not just in life as a whole – but each and every day. Our full potential is not just related to work, but also in our relationships. It’s not just in moments of task completion, but in times of rest and relaxation.

The ability to maximize your potential is directly linked with your capacity to plan, manage time, and execute tasks. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, the question is: How can we use them to fully express ourselves? Read More…