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12 Innovative Kitchen Hacks for a Small Kitchen In Your Small Apartment

Published on May 5, 2019 12:00 AM EST
12 Innovative Kitchen Hacks for a Small Kitchen In Your Small Apartment

You just moved into your new house and you notice the kitchen space is two times smaller than your old place. What do you do? First, stop thinking about moving. Second, learn these twelve innovative kitchen hacks to make better use of your tiny kitchen.

1. Kitchen Hacks Secret: Organization First

Keep everything in your kitchen organized! Something I would suggest is arranging everything with a specific theme, or label the items and spaces in your kitchen. This is also a great decorating exercise for this part of your home.

12 Innovative Kitchen Hacks for a Small Kitchen In Your Small Apartment

Organizing your kitchen will transfer over to the other spaces in your home. Not only will your kitchen be very tidy, but having things organized is good for you.

2. Use All Your Shelves

Shelf space! A great idea is using both sides of your shelves. On the top, place accessories that you need close by, even some decorations. On the bottom, glue the lids of small/medium (depending on the size of your shelf) glass or plastic jars and fill them with spices, seeds, salt, and etc… This way you will never lose your spice jars again!

kitchen hacks spices-flavorings-seasoning-food

3. Make Use of Your Cabinets and Walls

You can hang hooks, or place racks and shelves from your walls or cabinets. With this small kitchen hack, you are utilizing space that is normally empty. This hack also works as a decorating tip too, because it will give your kitchen a trendier design.

kitchen hacks ceiling pots

You can also hang your utensils. If you can get a ceiling wall pot rack, then you can hang your pots and pans with all the grand-kitchen style.

4. Arrange Your Knives

This is a fun (and safe) way of keeping all your knives in one place. A steel magnetic knife rack will help store them within easy reach, no extra fasteners, and it will save tons of space in a classy way.

5. Need More Counter Space?

Placing a cutting board over your sink will expand your counter space. You can purchase a custom cutting board made of the material you are most comfortable with (wood, bamboo, plastic) to fit the space you have. You can also get a burner cover and add some extra space over your stove.

kitchen hacks utensils

6. Where To Put The Cleaning Products?

This is one of the simplest kitchen hacks. You can put a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning bottles (thus, creating a free space on the floor), where you can put the brushes and other cleaning instruments.

7. Need To Store Your Plastic Bags?

Thinking outside the box and being creative is also a big part of making the most of everything, especially a small space. Take one or two of your empty tissue boxes and start putting in there your plastic/grocery bags. It will be a compact, original solution so you don’t have a bunch of bags lying around, or huge bags that can barely contain them.

8. Do You Have Pets?

Forget about those bulky bags that take a lot of space and are difficult to move around. For comfort and health (yours and your pet’s), put the dog or cat food in a cereal container. It will make your life easier when serving it, plus it will keep pet food fresh for a longer time. Just make sure to label them properly!

9. Time To Paint

kitchen hacks white paint

I am sure you have heard that white creates space. It sounds a bit strained, but it is in fact a proven method that will help you produce the illusion that the place is bigger. Furthermore, it will make your kitchen look tidier. For decoration, you can add little splashes of color here and there.

10. Get a Breakfast Table That You Can Put Away

If you are a person that likes to have a table just to have a quick bite or for placing things once in awhile, you should consider a breakfast/dining bar.

kitchen hacks wood-table-hut-cups

Just take a straight panel (I would recommend a wooden table) and put it in one of your walls. It will not only be useful while eating, but you can also use it as a counter for when you are cooking.

11. Fix Your Cups

kitchen hacks cooking utensils

Seems like you have more cups that you will ever use? Don’t throw them away! A cup holder will work wonders to maximize your space. Hold your cups and make a great trendy ornament within your kitchen.

12. Racks Everywhere

kitchen hacks glasses racks

Doing things by yourself will help in making your kitchen a more personal space. We’ve discussed the importance of shelves and racks throughout your kitchen (and house, too). You can put some racks to the side of your fridge where you can hold small containers of things like spices or sauces, as well as small ingredients.

The only items you will need are some magnets and a hot glue gun. For the racks, you can take pencil holder organizers. You should glue the magnets to the back of the rack (evenly distributed), wait for them to dry and voila. You can enjoy your new racks.

Above you saw only 12 of the many ideas you can implement to take full advantage of your small kitchen. As I have said before, being creative and organized are the keys to a neat kitchen!

Do you have any other kitchen hacks or ideas to improve your small kitchen?

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

12 Innovative Kitchen Hacks for a Small Kitchen In Your Small Apartment
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