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7 Ways Life Questions Are Answered In Everyday Places

Published on November 30, 2016 12:00 AM EST
life questions birds

Are you consistently allowing responses to your life questions to flow? Have you overlooked feedback that provides the clarity you desire? There is power in asking questions, and staying receptive to answers that can be presented in numerous ways.

Check out seven ways answers to your life questions could be revealed. As you read through the list, reflect on your experiences. Note how more insight can flow in your life.

life questions birds

1) Song Lyrics

Before napping or sleeping for the night, silently ask yourself or write questions in a journal. Oftentimes after resting, I awaken to song lyrics that I haven’t recently listened to, but speak loudly to my inquiries.

One morning, lyrics to a Patti LaBelle song came to my mind about feeling blessed. Those words resonated with me because the night before going to bed, I asked what’s best for me to experience tomorrow.

life questions songsAs the new day progressed, I gratefully received: a heartwarming text from a friend, an invitation to visit a family friend’s house, hugs from loved ones I hadn’t seen in many years, relaxation while sitting in a beautiful garden, and a delicious dinner that I didn’t have to cook!

I truly experienced what it’s like to be blessed. How about you, what lyrics speak about your life?


2) Billboards and License Plates

Some of the most powerful insights about moving forward appear on billboards and licenses plates. One day, I questioned if I was on track with things I was doing to expand my business.

Later that evening, I saw a billboard that said, “In rhythm with your priorities.” I felt excited and so grateful to see that message. I instantly knew it spoke to me handling business well.

Beautiful feedback about our lives can also appear on license plates. One of my favorite examples of this was after viewing a plate in front of me while waiting at a stoplight. It said: Lov u 2RL.

I exclaimed joyfully because the initials of my first and middle names are RL. The feedback was a perfect reminder that the Universe loves and continues to guide me, especially when I question if my endeavors are worthwhile.

life questions streetsBe open to what billboards and license plates say. The messages can shed light on how to move forward in your life.

3) Stream of Consciousness

Can you attest to a stream of consciousness or words that continuously come to mind about a matter? It happens when I sit silently after asking a question, and I definitely experience this when writing.

Each time I write, I silently ask what does the recipient or recipients need to hear. Moments laterI type a sentence, then another one, and so on. What’s great about this process is that it really keeps me focused on the current composition. The icing on the cake is when readers share their appreciation or understanding of what I wrote.

Give yourself time to let a stream of consciousness present the perfect words about your work or personal matters.


4) Animals and Life Questions

How often do you pay attention to animals on your path? They can provide wisdom to help you grow effectively.

I experienced animal insight when several birds flew around me on the lake front and there was no food around. I thought of the question: what is going on here? Minutes later, I recalled a song I heard earlier that day about spreading your wings. It suddenly clicked that the birds were reminding me to keep spreading my wings as I grow personally and professionally.

life questions birdsObserve when animals come your way as they can symbolize essential feedback that you need.


5) Conversations with Others

Speaking with people you know as well as strangers can reveal answers to some of your life questions.

One day, my sister and I discussed the direction of our personal and professional activities. At the end of the conversation, we thanked each other for shedding light on ways we can better progress in our lives.

I also spoke with a man I just met on a recent flight. Thanks to our conversation, I was reminded of the power of ideas and knowing when to protect them. He then recommended a song that I add on my playlist for more positivity.

Converse with others wholeheartedly. Note the beautiful insights you receive that applies to your life.

 life questions conversations

6) Timing of TV Shows

Have you witnessed the clarity you gain from watching television? And I’m not just talking documentaries or informative shows.

Recently, I saw an episode of the sitcom “Mr. Belvedere.” Do you remember that show? Earlier that day, I felt frustrated about my life’s direction. Somehow I ended up watching it. The show’s message was about NOT giving up on your dreams.

Answers may take longer than you realized, but keep doing your best and they will manifest in due time.

7) T-Shirts and Life Questions

Have you seen t-shirts with messages to support you? It amazes me to see how well shirt sayings address situations.

This was brilliantly exemplified as I waited for my turn at a stoplight. A woman jogged by my car with a shirt saying: Work for It. The words could never be timelier. I had to be honest with myself about not doing as much work as I could. After seeing the message, I recommitted to handling my business more efficiently.

life questions t-shirtsKeep your eyes open for t-shirt sayings that can inspire renewed action in your life.

Our life questions are usually answered when we least expect it.

So open your mind, not just your eyes. Listen, instead of just going through the motions. Every day is an opportunity to find the answers you seek. You just need to pay attention.

life questions birds
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