7 Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Shawn Schweier

A long-distance relationship can be the biggest challenge any relationship can face.

With the distance and being so far from your significant other, it can tear you apart – but also be something that transforms your connection.

Knowing your partner, what they need, and knowing what YOU need is going to be incredibly beneficial for your long-distance relationship.

But going even further are the seven tips here that will help anyone in this type of romance.

1. Set clear expectations in your long-distance relationship.

The biggest challenge beyond the distance between your other half is when the two of you have mismatched expectations.

Oftentimes, one partner wants to talk everyday when the other might only find value in a once-a-week Skype call.

This can lead to one person thinking that the other is mad at them just for not hearing from them for a few days.

Have a discussion on what the two of you need and how you will make it work.

2. Make the time together count.

Whether the time spent with your partner is on Skype or in person after a long journey, make the most of it.

Usually I see this as weekends spent together.

When this happens, sharing so much time with one person can be challenging.

The key is to make the time spent together as positive and enjoyable as possible.

If it is a Skype call, talk about all the good things and go to a happy place with your partner in every moment you share.

3. Don’t make the travel plans one-sided.

When the two of you do reconnect, make sure that both people are making an equal effort to see each other.

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This could be in a form where one partner makes the journey this week, and the other person makes the car ride next week.

When things are equal or close to it, then both people will feel more appreciated in a long distance-relationship.

Thus, they will be able to put more effort into the connection.

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4. Enjoy the time spent apart.

Take the time to work on yourself and be the best version of you when you are not with your partner.

When you do this, then you will bring a whole new and inspiring energy to your relationship.

When you are growing in your life and then you come together with your partner, they have the chance to enjoy a whole new side of you.

Who knows, they might just grow along with you as well.

5. Take the space to get perspective on the relationship.

Having the distance and time away, you can get space from the long-distance relationship and understand it even more deeply.

Use this opportunity away from your significant other to really think about your connection as it is now: where you would like it to go, and what you can do to make it even more passionate.

Your partner has the same opportunity to get into this perspective as well.

6. Communicate.

This is likely the most important thing that you can do in a long-distance relationship.

It doesn’t mean that you have to communicate more.

You don’t need to talk to them more, but you do need to make sure you communicate effectively.

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This distance is challenging, but when you communicate well with your partner, then you will be more connected.

Be an even better communicator today by taking the time to understand what they are going through.

Then craft your message so that they will understand what you want to convey.

Let them know what you need.

If there’s a problem, change your message or try again if they don’t get it.

7. Have a plan for eventually coming together.

Without a plan for eventually being together, the two of you might as well just be long-distance lovers and head for an eventual break-up.

There are plenty of positives from having the space and distance from your significant other.

But having NO plan to come together will make your relationship unclear and uncertain.

When this happens, the relationship is limited in its direction and the extent of the connection that can be shared.

Figure out how the two of you will eventually be closer.

At this point, it isn’t even so much about distance as it is about the bond that you two share.


Long-distance relationships can be tough.

But they can also be one of the best challenges for a couple to overcome.

Embrace the feat for it has the possibility of bringing you even closer to your partner.

I am often asked questions about difficulties in relationships.

But at times, some of our biggest strengths come from our greatest challenges.

When you finally do come together, it will be worth it because you will have really put in the effort for that other person.

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And they will have done the same for you.

Shawn Schweier
Shawn Schweier is a master practitioner in NLP and the founder of Alter Shift. Known as the inner mind expert, he helps others get past their limiting beliefs and transform their lives through effective communication. He is most passionate about helping others create inspiring relationships.
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