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4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Pages More Engaging

Published on December 29, 2017 12:00 AM EST
more engagement with social media

Social media is never about getting as many followers as possible. If the follower count is your primary goal, you will soon find yourself feeling frustrated by the low – or lack of – user engagement whenever you post on your social media pages. User engagement and building genuine relationships with the audience must always be the primary objectives.

Boosting social media engagement can be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. You just have to understand the kind of audience you’re reaching out to and the type of contents they like. Here are the 4 practical tips that will help make your social media pages more engaging.

more engagement with social media

more engagement with social media

Add Visuals

A good social media page must include sufficient visual elements for it to be attractive. A clear avatar or profile picture and a good header image are great ways to start. You can use nature images to fill the header of your social media pages or use a custom design that fits well with your online brand or persona.

The same goes for social media posts. Great visuals attract more user engagement than plain-text posts. Take advantage of the cover photos when posting articles or updates to social media and you’ll start seeing an increase in user responses almost immediately.

Valuable Content

On the other hand, you must never underestimate the value of good content or substance when posting on social media. Your Instagram bio quotes are important, sure, but not everyone wants to read about your breakfast or the things you do earlier in the day. Most of the audience are more interested in tips, tutorials, relevant updates, and other resources.

Try to balance between being personal – or engaging the users causally if it is a business social media page – and sharing valuable content. When you hit that balance, your user engagement will skyrocket.

Engage First

Don’t wait for the audience to respond to your posts. It is often best to garner higher user engagement by engaging the users first. Ask questions. Add a clear call to action to your social media posts and use visual cues to further strengthen that call to action.
On certain platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can post polls and ask users to get involved in discussions. Instagram Stories and Live are great ways to share short stories to persuade users to ask questions or respond to your content.


One last strategy you can use to boost user engagement is by giving away resources that users can actually use. A free blog template, an online shopping voucher, or even free consultation time can be very attractive to the right audience.

You can turn freebies into other online activities too. Several experts I know started offering free books and tickets to their seminars to those who ask the best questions on Twitter; this is a good example of how a simple campaign can strengthen your relationship with the audience immensely.

Making your social media pages more engaging isn’t impossible. You just have to know the right content to share and the strategies to use to maximize that user engagement. With the tips we covered in this article, getting started with improving your own social media pages should be easy.

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