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Making Sure Your Air Systems Aren’t Costing You Money

Published on February 7, 2013 4:09 PM EST

Are the air systems in your home costing you money? How would you know? The air systems don’t really tell you if anything is wrong until you can smell it in the air. At that point, it is obvious that your air filters need attention, but what are they costing you? Air filters are an important part of any system and require that you make sure they are working properly in order to ensure the air in your home remains clean and free of irritants. Otherwise, the air being pumped in could lead to issues that make your home uncomfortable or unsafe to live in. Understand how your air filters work and from there you can avoid the costs that come when they are causing you issues.

Air Filters in a System

When looking at air filters, it’s pretty easy to work out how they fit into a system and clean up incoming airflow. You place the tools into key parts of your air systems and from there they clean up airflow in their tight mesh weaving. The mesh is designed so that it is able to capture the small irritants while still allowing air to flow through easily. This process happens constantly from the moment you put the filter in a system, the filter will keep cleaning until a point where it is physically unable to anymore. That is where most of the money problems stem from.


Issues with Energy

The main problem comes from the fact that all air filters eventually become dirtier and dirtier over time. The result is that the filters become less capable of allowing ariflow to pass through into your home. The initial issues with this are easy enough to see when the problem becomes bad enough. Without any airflow to cycle through your home, the air inside begins to dry out and stagnate. Aside from this being less than healthy to breathe, it makes the home uncomfortable to be in. It also costs you money over time.

When an air filter is dirty, the system does not stop bringing in air until it becomes replaced. The air keeps coming in, even if the dirty filter is hampering its progress. The only change is that since the air is being blocked, the filters will try harder to push the airflow forward into your systems. The resulting efforts cause the system to use more energy leading to a rise in electrical building that could have easily been avoided. You’re better off replacing the old filters and having the new ones save you money.

Air Filter Replacement

Buying new air filters online is easy. When they arrive, you can install them as soon as they arrive. Just be sure that you install them the right way since a backwards air filter causes as much trouble as a dirty one. If you do the process correctly and consistently, this can be one of the many ways you save money on electric billing around the house. Over time, you could be saving thousands of dollars that would have otherwise have been wasted. Be sure to check your air filters personally though, since every area causes them to get dirty at different speeds.

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